Zarif blames US, regional allies for terrorism spread

TEHRAN, Aug. 06 (MNA) – Following US President Barack Obama’s latest remarks against the Islamic Republic on Wednesday accusing Iran of supporting terrorism, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif issued a statement condemning US and its allies in region for spread of terrorism and extremism.

The full text of the statement reads:

1. The Islamic Republic of Iran has never been in pursuit of nuclear weapons and it will never pursue the same in the future. Hence, the claim that different ways to Iran’s access to nuclear weapons have been blocked in the recent Vienna agreement is in fact achieving what has already been achieved and it is merely to appease the internal critics and the Zionists.
2. The developments of the past years showed that what has resulted in insecurity and spread of extremism and terrorism in our region, have been the uncalculated policies and actions of the US governments and some of their allies in the region, especially the Zionist regime that have borne no result other than destruction, war and extremism for the people of the region and the world. The US officials have on numerous occasions admitted this reality, but they are still trying to escape the realities by blaming others. 

3. Peace, security and stability in the surrounding environment have always been the most important priority of the Islamic Republic of Iran which are based on the realities of this region and unlike the ups and downs, as well as dualities and dangerous contractions of the policies of some influential countries is integrated and continuous and has always been based on peace, friendship with all neighbors, supporting the peoples demand and confronting the common threats, including foreign aggression, extremism, terrorism and sectarianism. The Islamic Republic of Iran will continue supporting its regional friends and allies and it has announced many times that it will cooperate with other neighbors on the basis of mutual respect against the joint challenges and in line with regional and international stability. 
4. Iran through self-belief and rationality in the recent nuclear talks showed that even the fake crises can be resolved through interaction and dialogue and on the basis of mutual respect. Therefore, the shaky foundations and pillars of the dangerous and invalid Iranophobia project will collapse and the efforts for reviving it in the world and region will not have any buyer. It can only bring about lofty profits for the sellers of fatal weapons and waste the limited resources of the region and the world for relentless purchase of ostentatious weapons instead of fighting poverty, ignorance and injustice in the world. Preserving the past dialogue and trying to satisfy the warmongers will not have any outcome other than imposing costs on the peoples of the US, the region and the world.
5. Once again we notify the US officials that the civilized world has put aside the option of using force and threat as foreign policy tools and it considers it not only inhuman and illegal but ineffective. Threatening to use force is a blatant violation of the binding rules of the international law and it has international responsibility. Moreover, it will have no other use but wasting the resources and damaging the prestige of the US. The American people and the world have the right to ask what use have the US wars over the past 50 years had other than imposing many financial, human and prestige losses for the American people and insecurity and instability for the people of the world. The time is now ripe to abandon this dangerous and harmful habit which belongs to the past centuries. 
6. The US support for the coup, imposed war, Saddams use of chemical weapons, insults of the US officials against the Iranian nation, baseless accusations and blind and inhuman sanctions against this nation and continuation of the dialogue of useless threats is alive in the historical memory of the Iranian nation otherwise this people have no problem with the American nation. Instead of repeating some stereotyped phrases the US officials had better think about this reality that hatred towards the wrong policies of the US governments is not limited to the people of Iran and the US needs to revise its policies such as supporting the Zionist regimes crimes against the Palestinian nation the last example of which savageries was the burning to death of a Palestinian infant. Expressing hatred by the Iranian nation and the Muslim world over such policies is natural and it is not exclusive to the people of this region and it should not be used as a pretext for lodging baseless accusations such as anti-Semitism or hostility towards the American nation. If the US government wants a change in the outlook and the slogans of the Iranian nation and the world, it is better to contemplate about changing its policies and approaches.
7. The previous US governments have wasted important opportunities through their wrong beliefs and hallucinations and they had better use this historical opportunity for winning back the Iranian nations valuable confidence that has been ruined due to decades-long wrong and hostile policies of the US. The people of Iran through their epic presence in the recent elections showed that the efforts to create rift among the people and between the people and the ruling system have failed. The Iranian people are united, vigilant, resistant and great and they bravely stand up against the threats, impositions and sanctions and they nobly respond to respect and humbleness. The wrong policy vis-à-vis the Iranian nation has been tested for tens of years without any achievement for the US and now it is an exceptional opportunity to remedy the past and test a new way that had a great achievement for all pacifists and peace-seekers in only two years and despite all ups and downs and even some diversions. 

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