Aug. 19 marks anniv. of CIA's 1953 coup in Iran

TEHRAN, Aug. 19 (MNA) – US and UK intelligence agencies had hatched a coup d’état in 1953 to topple Iran's first democratically-elected government and its popular prime minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh.

In different occasions, the American officials have admitted their country's role in 1953's coup d'état in Iran. 

Sixty one years ago, the United State’s Central Intelligence Agency gave forth to the coup backing Iran’s military and after sixty years secret time limitation the CIA declassified documents that confirm Washington’s direct role in Iran’s 1953 coup.

The document, published on the National Security Archive website, was initially released in 1981, but most of it was blacked out at the time, including an entire section on the coup. 

The United Sates Central Intelligence Agency and the British government, executed a Coup d’ etat against democratically elected government of then Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh.

Mosaddegh had nationalized Iranian oil years after being in the hands of Anglo-Iranian Oil Company which later changed its name to British Petroleum or better known as BP. Experts believe that the Coup d’ etat in Iran signaled a change in US foreign policy.

The interests of foreign countries were in contrast with the interests of Iran's National Movement, so through a series of covert operations and moves which were against Iran's constitution, they managed to destroy Iran's National Movement.

In 2000, Madeline Albright, former US Secretary of State, said that “Intervention by the US in the internal affairs of Iran was a setback for a democratic government."

Some experts believe that the main reason behind the US-engineered coup d’état against the Iranian administration was the nationalization of Iran's oil industry following a bill introduced to parliament by Mosaddeq in 1951. 

Documents published in 2013 provided new details on Mosaddeq’s overthrow and its aftermath. This is believed to be the CIA's first formal acknowledgement that the agency helped plan and execute the coup. One of the documents shows the disposition of thugs and ruffians -paid to demonstrate by coup organizers- early on August 19, 1953.

After declassification of documents, Iran’s Majlis approved the provisions of a bill that obliges the Iranian administration to assess and follow up ways of suing the US for its involvement in the 1953 coup d’état in the country.


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