Iran urges PUIC to act against disrespect to Palestinian holy sites

ISTANBUL, May 11 (MNA) — Majlis speaker Ali Larijani has urged the Islamic parliaments to take necessary actions to put an end to the Judization of Bait-ul-Moqddas.

The Zionist regime of Israel is destroying the ancient Islamic sites in Palestine with the aim of Judaizing these places employing the most illegitimate practices.

Larijani made the remarks at the emergency meeting of the Parliament Speakers of the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Countries (PUIC-OIC) in Istanbul on Monday.

Parliament speakers from 14 countries attended the meeting.

“The main reason that brought us together here once again lies in our concern over a sacrilegious event in the region that constitutes an affront to the world of Islam,” he explained.

“So far two major factors have led into this distressing situation. Firstly, the unfair accords designed with the intention of stabilizing the Zionist regime under the unfailing support of Western states.

“The Zionist regime is practically using the so-called peace accords and plans as leverage to spread its domination over the countries in the region.

“Therefore, it is incumbent on us, as members of government and parliaments, to share our views with our respective nations and the oppressed people of Palestine,” he added.

“Attaining a common understanding will help us think more realistically since we should come to ourselves and do not allow, any longer, to the Zionist regime to resort to deviating slogans on one hand and its supporting western countries on the other hand to buy time for this regime to unilaterally confine us to the outcome of useless conferences under baseless justifications,” Larijani observed.

PUIC members should explore solutions to the problems of homeless and oppressed people in Gaza, since they have pinned all their hopes on
the assistance of the Islamic people and governments, he proposed.


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