TEHRAN, Dec. 22 (Mehr News Agency) — The commander of the Iranian Air Force, General Seyyed Reza Pardis, said here on Monday that any attack on Iran by the Zionist regime will lead to consequences that Israeli officials cannot even imagine.

Pardis told the Mehr News Agency that Iran is not intimidated by the Zionist regime’s threats, adding that Israel knows that the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the Air Force in particular, have high capabilities that will make them regret it if ever they make such a mistake.


He stated that Saddam Hussein and his allies once made such a mistake during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war which only led to their disgrace and humiliation.


“After eight years of war, in the end they got nowhere because the Iranian people would not be passive and would not allow foreigners to invade their land,” he said.


Pardis stressed that the threats of the Zionist regime began at the inception of the Islamic Revolution.


He said that the Zionist regime has been trying to tarnish Iran’s image in the international arena, adding that news agencies influenced or controlled by the Zionists disseminate their false information.


“Our Armed Forces have such high capabilities that the Zionist regime would be digging its own grave in the region if it launched military attacks against Iran," Pardis said.


He went on to say that the Armed Forces are duty bound to remain alert and defend the country’s strategic locations and its air space with the help of the equipment they possess whether the threats are serious or not.


Pardis called the Air Force a progressive and developing force, adding that it has developed new technology.


“The Air Force has attained high defensive capabilities with the help of the Defense Ministry and the equipment developed by the force,” he said.






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