British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said Tuesday that his visit, as well as that of his German and French counterparts to the Islamic Republic had been the result of several months of constant debate with Iranian officials. This clearly showed that top Iranian officials had cleverly planned how to prevent any crisis against the Islamic Republic that might arise, even months ahead of the September resolution of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The prudence of Iranian officials to thwart a campaign against Iran’s nuclear activities was particularly manifested:  Hassan Rowhani, Secretary of the Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) later on Tuesday said that Iran would agree to sign the additional protocol of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and would suspend its uranium enrichment. It will be seen how Iran has been victorious over the NPT protocol dispute by considering several points as follows:


1- Iran’s initiative was to thwart the struggles by the U.S. and its allies that were seeking to cause widespread tension in the Islamic Republic and the region as a whole. The U.S. believed that Iran’s emphasis on its legitimate right to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes would provide a pretext for the U.S. to intensify its propaganda that Iran is trying to acquire atomic weapons. However Iran eventually turned out triumphant over the issue without withdrawing from its previous positions.


2- Iran’s decision to invite the IAEA chief Mohamed El-Baradei, as well as the German, French and British foreign ministers to visit Tehran to debate Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy program has been a success for the international community as well. Iran’s initiative is in fact the victory of multilateralism against unilateralism, and dialogue over dictation.


3- Iran’s efforts to lead the pseudo-crisis toward its favorable point showed that Iranian leaders are always capable of resolving any problem through various diplomatic and technical solutions.  


4- The U.S. has been struggling to misuse the IAEA resolution and play up the IAEA concerns to further worsen the dispute thus taking Iran’s nuclear case to the Security Council. However, Iran from the beginning stressed that it has not accepted the resolution, arguing that it had been politically motivated. Tehran also stressed that it is not focused on the deadline set in the resolution which is against the text of the NPT as well as Article 12 of IAEA Articles of Association. This removed any pretext against the Islamic Republic. Iran’s announcement that it would sign the NPT protocol prevented the IAEA from issuing a resolution, and at the same time removed international concerns.


5- The announcement was a U-turn on the part of the Islamic Republic to move toward confidence-building and transparency in the area of its nuclear activities, as well as its relations with the world and the European Union (EU). This definitely helps foil U.S. efforts to present an extremist image of the Islamic Republic to the world by accusing Tehran of attempting to develop nuclear weapons.


Iran showed that there is no difference in the significance of understanding the concerns of the international community regarding the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction on the one hand and the right of all nations to enjoy the privileges of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes on the other one.


Therefore, such countries as the U.S. that has been accused by ElBaradei of violating the NPT by developing small-sized portable nuclear weapons or Israel that has failed to sign the NPT and is yet trying to promote its nuclear arsenal must be responsive to the international community. Any measure by IAEA officials to deal with the U.S. and Israeli nuclear plans will prove their sincerity and will show whether they are pursuing independent positions.


6- Iran is victorious over the NPT issue because it succeeded in preventing the formation of a consensus that the U.S. and the Zionists were pursuing through their intense propaganda. Iran will no longer have to prove that it is following peaceful nuclear activities. Instead, it is the international community, IAEA and particularly EU that should live up to their commitments to supply Iran with technical support to develop its peaceful nuclear energy program.           


7- Although the positive response of the three powerful European countries’ foreign ministers to Iran’s invitation for the resumption of the talks is a great achievement for the Islamic Republic, some political analysts believe that the achievements gained by Iran so far are more.


Being under the U.S. threats, the European Union has been denied of the lucrative high-tech projects in Iran such as cooperating in the peaceful Iranian nuclear programs all through the past 25 years. Now that the EU countries are sure of the peaceful nature of the Iranian atomic programs, they have declared their willingness for cooperating with Iran in this field.


8- Iran emphasized its right for peaceful use of nuclear energy and endorsed the right by the world community and earlier by the IAEA senior officials as well. The issue was addressed by the joint press conference participated by the three European countries’ foreign ministers and the Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi. The subject was also laid stress on in the final statement.


In fact, Iran’s opposition to the complete stopping of enriching Uranium is an indication of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s adherence to the Geneva Convention Charter, the NPT, the IAEA regulations and articles 73 and 77 of Iran’s agreement with the NPT.


9- According to international laws including the 1959 Geneva Charter, the NPT, the IAEA and the agreements on joining the NPT in 1975, Iran has definitely received necessary guarantees regarding the peaceful use of the nuclear programs and related sophisticated technology. That is why Iran has always stressed that no agreement and no international regulation including the Additional Protocol 93+2 could endanger the country’s national security, its defense capabilities and development.


10- Finally, the Iranian nation is proud of its senior officials in the Islamic Republic System that proved their capabilities and potentials in tackling different crises facing the country.


However, Iran’s initiatives in this regard had a message to the U.S. and its supporters that they will never be able to find the pretext to manipulate the world public opinion against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Furthermore, particularly in that case, the U.S. realized that all the state’s officials are united and are supported by the Iranian people.


The U.S. officials are in a quandary over what to do with Iran now. The only way suggested is to abandon animosity and plot against Iran and choose the policy of just and fair relations and dialogue in case the U.S. officials are rational enough.







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