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Is US biggest violator or advocator of human hights?

Is US biggest violator or advocator of human hights?

TEHRAN, Jul. 02 (MNA) – Taking a quick look at the crackdown on pro-Palestinian protests at universities in the US is the latest evidence questioning the American model of human rights.

Iranians presently mark the Week to Review and Expose the American Human Rights.

To unmask the true face of the so-called advocate of human rights in the work, taking a look at the pro-Palestinian protests suffices. 

Supporting human rights has consistently been a key motto and assertion of the United States of America.

Yet, US officials shape their human rights stance according to their political agendas and inclinations.

This approach has enabled the US to wield human rights as a tool in the global arena.

Is US biggest violator or advocator of human hights?

On at least 80 college and university campuses across the United States, students have recently formed encampments demanding that their universities disclose their investments in occupied Palestine and divest from entities, financial and cultural, that support the occupation of Palestine.

Demonstrators gathered on at least 40 US university campuses since April 17, often erecting tent camps to protest against the soaring death count in the Gaza Strip. 

University protests in the US against the war in Gaza, which started last month at Columbia University and later expanded to other campuses across the country, garnered headlines worldwide.

Hundreds of students and professors were suspended for participating in these protests at different US universities.

Nearly 2,000 people were detained, according to US media, in demonstrations reminiscent of protests against the Vietnam War.

What started at the Columbia campus turned into a nationwide showdown between students and administrators over pro-Palestine protests and the restrictions on free speech.

Soon after, hundreds of students were arrested, suspended, put on probation, and, in rare cases, expelled from colleges, including Yale University, the University of Southern California, Vanderbilt University, and the University of Minnesota, Al Jazeera reported.

The American authorities' reaction to the protests inside the soil of this country shows the US does not even respect the rights of its own citizens.

Is US biggest violator or advocator of human hights?

Outside the US, this country has repeatedly used veto power to advance its political objectives, bluntly violating the human rights of other nations.

For instance, the United States has used its veto power at least 34 times to block UN Security Council resolutions that were critical of Israel.

The US response to the UNSC resolutions amid this conflict is in line with its historical use of its veto power to block any resolutions that might be critical of Israel or call for Palestinian statehood.

Since 1945, a total of 36 UNSC draft resolutions related to Israel-Palestine have been vetoed by one of the five permanent members – the US, Russia, China, the United Kingdom, and France. Out of these, 34 were vetoed by the US.

Reported by Tohid Mahmoudpour

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