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Attacking Galilee on the table if conflict escalates

Attacking Galilee on the table if conflict escalates

TEHRAN, Jun. 19 (MNA) – Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah warned the Zionist Israeli regime that "Attacking Galilee is a choice that remains on the table if confrontation and tension increase."

Hezbollah resistance movement in Lebanon held a ceremony in tribute to martyred commander Talib Abdallah (Abu Talib) on Wednesday.

Nasrallah appeared via video-conferencing during the memorial ceremony.

He offered condolences and congratulations over martyrdom of commander ‘Abu Talib’, saluted families of martyrs over patience and sticking to resistance path, Al-Manar TV English webiste reported.

Martyrdom is not defeat, nor is it death, it’s a point of strength to the resistance fronts

He highlighted that "Martyr Taleb Abdullah didn't give up in wake of difficulties."

"Lebanese resistance now more determined to confront 'the enemy'', he stressed, adding that, "The most dangerous thing the enemy faces is the spirit of its combatants who believe in martyrdom as a culture of life."

Israel hides real number of its fatalities in Gaza war, the Hezbollah leader said, adding that "the US has used its intelligence capacities to stop Yemeni resistance, operations in Red Sea."

"The US, UK have failed to stop Yemeni operations in Red Sea," highlighted Nasrallah.

According to him, "Israel now trying to "fabricate" a Gaza victory to deceive people at home," adding that ""Strategic losses" have been inflicted on Israel in Gaza."

Israeli PM, other regime officials admit they're paying high prices in Gaza war, Nasrallah also said, adding that,"Resistance is able to identify gatherings of Israeli forces in areas near Lebanon."

Hezbollah chief went on to hail precision of missiles, rockets used by Lebanese resistance against Israeli targets.

"The number of our operatives who are ready to join the war has exceeded 100,000," he highlighted.

"We have a real and large bank of goals and we are capable to reach these goals discriminately and in a way that destabilizes the entity," he asserted.

"The enemy knows that what awaits it in the Mediterranean is terrific, the Israeli coasts and ships will be targeted," Nasrallah further stressed.

"In this battle we’ve developed our weapons and used new ones, we have plenty of drones since we manufacture UAVs," the Hezbollah leader said, detailing that "Yesterday’s “Hoopoe” footage is just short and selected excerpts from long hours of recorded videos captured above Haifa."

"Lebanon's resistance has enough troops, doesn't need forces from outside," he also said, adding that ""The enemy" knows well Lebanese resistance ready for worst-case scenario."

Elsewhere, he criticized "gaps" in Gaza ceasefire proposal tabled by Washington.

"The Israeli enemy can’t hide its losses anymore, there are 8636 disabled Israelis according to official figures, then what is the number of dead and wounded?" he further noted.


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