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MAHAK joint press conference on World Cancer Day

MAHAK joint press conference on World Cancer Day

TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (MNA) – On the occasion of World Cancer Day, MAHAK organized a joint press conference with three other charities in the field of supporting cancer-stricken children operating in different provinces of Iran.

These three charities including Taskin, Kassa and Khorasan which have been empowered by MAHAK during the past years, participated at this press conference to report on their respective initiatives to the community.

Reporting on what MAHAK has carried out in the past 33 years, Arasb Ahmadian said, “According to our third strategic plan and its slogan, MAHAK service is not limited to Tehran, we have empowered three independent charities active in the field of childhood cancer. By this mean, it is proudly announced that a collaborative and communicative network has been formed among MAHAK and these independent non-governmental organizations with an integrated standards for supporting cancer-stricken children.”

He added, “Empowering these charities within an integrated network has performed considering the high number of children referring to them, sharing experience of MAHAK in provision of medical, welfare, economic and psychosocial services to children with cancer.”

Javad Milani, CEO of the Taskin charity in Tabriz, expressed, “We formed this communication network as the charities independently working in four provinces of Iran with a common goal of supporting children with cancer. We gathered to get assure that no child ever experience discrimination in terms of medical treatment across the country.”

Introducing Taskin Charity to the audience, he added that since the initiation of our collaboration with MAHAK in 2019, we have followed MAHAK standards in services provision. Eventually, 1900 cases were referred to Taskin charity among 680 children under treatment.

He also mentioned that drawing from the experiences of Iranian charitable organizations, especially MAHAK, 640 children with cancer have successfully completed their treatment. This achievement demonstrates that cancer is not the end and timely support will lead to life-changing results.

Mohammad Reza Ahmadi, the CEO of Kassa Charity in Isfahan, was another member of this press conference. Explaining the formation of Kassa charity, Ahmadi said, "In accordance with MAHAK strategy in 2014, Kassa Charity was officially and independently established and became empowered through a five-year memorandum of understanding with MAHAK. Since then, approximately 2,200 cases of children have been registered at our center. Currently, 100 children are under treatment, and fortunately, 600 children have completed their treatment. In addition to Isfahan, Kassa Charity also covers children with cancer in Kashan, and our horizon is to support children with cancer throughout the province of Isfahan."

Shima Sharifi, the CEO of Khorasan Charity, was also present at this press conference. She said, "In line with MAHAK strategy of empowering charities, Khorasan Charity was established in 2016. In a short time, we realized that without MAHAK by our side, it would not have been possible for us to reach where we are today. Benefiting from the 33-year experience of MAHAK, the Khorasan Charity has transformed into an organization that currently supports 1,060 children with cancer. On a daily basis, we register 20 new children to support them during their treatment days."

She said, "Considering the infrastructure, program, and strategy that we received from MAHAK, we are able to accommodate all children who come to us for treatment from the province of Sistan and Baluchestan to Khorasan."

The press meeting of charities in the field of childhood cancer concluded with a question and answer session with journalists. MAHAK hopes to continue in the path of empowering active charities in childhood cancer based on the standards resulting from the 33 years of activity of this organization, to provide integrated medical and supportive services to children with cancer nationwide.


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