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Iran slams US for blacklisting Yemen’s Ansarullah movement

Iran slams US for blacklisting Yemen’s Ansarullah movement

TEHRAN, Jan. 18 (MNA) – Tehran has denounced Washington’s “provocative” blacklisting of Yemen’s Ansarullah Resistance movement, saying the move is in line with the United States’ support for the “terrorist” Israeli regime.

Kan'ani said this action by the US reflects its “persistent unwillingness to rectify misguided and destructive policies in the region”.

"The Ansarullah movement being designated as terrorist by the US highlights once again their (Washington’s) reluctance to correct misguided policies in the region," stated the spokesperson.

Kan'ani condemned the US government's inclusion of Ansarullah in the list of "terrorist" organizations, describing it as a provocative act aligned with Washington’s support for the Zionist regime's atrocities against the children of the Gaza Strip.

"Ansarullah and the people of Yemen face US anger solely due to their support for the oppressed people of Palestine," he emphasized.

The spokesman expressed confidence that the non-constructive action taken by the US would not impact the determination of the Yemeni people to stand in solidarity with the oppressed in Gaza.

Describing the US’ unwavering support for the Zionist regime as the most destabilizing factor in the West Asia region, he urged Washington to reconsider its stance, stating, “If the US genuinely cares about stability and security in the region, it should refrain from supporting the war crimes and genocide of the Zionist regime in Gaza.”

Questioning the moral legitimacy of the US government, Kan'ani argued that it lacks the authority to judge others.

The US government must be held accountable globally as a supporter of the war crimes of the terrorist Zionist regime, he said.

"The US government remains part of the problems and instabilities in the region by refusing to rectify its misguided and destructive policies." 


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