Nasrallah urges parliament to elect a president for Lebanon

TEHRAN, Mar. 06 (MNA) – Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hasan Nasrallah urged the Lebanese parliament on Monday to quickly convene for a meeting to fill the power vacuum in the presidential post.

Hezbollah ceremony held to mark the anniversary of the Birth of Imam Sajjad (P) and Abu Fadl Al-Abbas and honor Islamic Resistance prisoners and wounded fighters started, according to the Al-Manar TV website.

At the start of his speech, Nasrallah welcomed the attendees and extended felicitations on the various occasions of the Hijri Month of Shaaban.

Addressing the injured Resistance fighters, the Hezbollah Leader said, "Our wounded fighters faced the dangers of wars just as Abu Fadl Al-Abbas," adding, "Your pains caused by your injuries comprise a new jihad path for the sake of Allah."

The Hezbollah chief further urged for familiarizing new generations to learn about the Resistance prisoners’ sacrifices as well as the Israeli enemy’s jails in southern Lebanon and occupied Palestine.

"A large number of Resistance prisoners embraced martyrdom after returning to the battlefields," he added.

Nasrallah went on to call for supporting the Palestinian resistance and prisoners in face of the Israeli measures, including the approval of the capital punishment.

"Israeli attack on the Palestinian town of Huwara reflects the barbaric reality of Zionism," he later said, adding " Israeli occupation army is attempting to advance and violate Lebanon’s southern borders."

He pointed to the skirmishes at the border between the Zionist regime and Lebanon yesterday, saying " Hezbollah power enables the Lebanese army to confront the Israeli enemy, and protects Lebanon’s borders and fortunes from any Zionist aggression."

Hezbollah's leader further reiterated warning against any procrastination in extracting oil and gas in the Lebanese territorial water.

He went on to discuss internal politics in Lebanon and urged for a quick election of a president for the country.

"Hezbollah rejects the presidential void and insists on the two-third quorum for the parliament to convene and elect a new president," Nasrallah said.

"Hezbollah refuses any foreign intervention in the Lebanese presidential elections," he noted, adding "Iran and Syria do not interfere in the Lebanese presidential elections."

"We must reaffirm that only the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria stand with Lebanon's deterrence equation and that is why these two countries have come under attacks," he said.

"Lebanese parties must never wait for the regional and international developments to settle the presidential file," the Hezbollah chief also noted, adding "If the quorum will not be secured to convene the parliament and elect a new president, the blocs must hold a dialogue to reach an agreement."

He also said that "when Hezbollah nominates a presidential candidate, it keeps committed to its choice till the election."

"Hezbollah supports the nomination of Head of Marada Movement Sleiman Franjiyeh for the presidency," Nasrallah said.


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