Enemies promote hopelessness to normalize occupation

TEHRAN, Mar. 09 (MNA) – Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hasan Nasrallah on Thursday afternoon that the Western media and the US and its allies are spreading hopelessness among the people of the region in line with their sinister plans.

According to the Al-Manar TV Arabic website, Nasrallah spoke about the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of Al-Mahdi Schools (PBUH) and the Islamic Foundation for Learning and Education.

At the start of his speech, the Hezbollah leader talk about the religious Islamic school and said that "The institution has developed naturally and gradually, despite all the difficult circumstances, and we believe in it, it is the result of the sacrifices of all for thirty years, and we always affirm that we do not attribute the grace to a single person, but the achievements are made by all."

The new generations have access to new technologies, according to Nasrallah, "We are working to support the institution not only to maintain it, but also to develop and expand the its field of activity."

He further noted that the school remained open even under the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nasrallah went on to point to the rising inflation problem in Lebanon and described the inflation inhuman act directed by some greedy people.

The Hezbollah Secretary General warned against the spread of illegal drugs in schools and universities as one of the big dangers that young people are facing today, and clarified that education is one of the most important duties of teachers. Therefore, teachers should not look at education only as a job, but should add human and great spirit to it.

"The Lebanese government must fulfill its promises to teachers. What the government has done for them is not enough. Of course, the government is very difficult financially. I dod not want to defend the government, but the situation is really difficult," he said.

Pointing out that hope is the most important thing people need nowadays, he said that at the time of the occupation of the Provisional Zionist Israeli regime in 1982 over Lebanon Hezbollah revived hope in the society and that played a key part in defeating the enemy.

"Hezbollah continued to resist in 2000 and stood up in 2006 with this hope. We said that we can defeat the invincible Israeli army. The result of hope was resistance and the result of despair was failure," he further noted.

"After a few years when America entered the region and occupied Afghanistan, the western media tried to impose hopelessness on the nations of the region, but after a few years, America failed and the new Greater Middle East plan failed," Nasrallah concluded.

The resistance is the beacon of hope that made swift victories against the Israeli enemy, he noted.

He said that promoting homelessness by the enemies is aimed at normalizing occupation by the Israeli enemy.


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