Former Iranian official Alireza Akbari executed

TEHRAN, Jan. 14 (MNA) – Alireza Akbari, a former Iranian official, was executed on Saturday on charges of spying for the British intelligence agency.

Iran’s judiciary has issued a death sentence against Akbari who was arrested by the intelligence forces on charges of spying for foreign intelligence agencies.

The trial of Akbari was held with the presence of his lawyer and the death sentence was issued based on “substantiated evidence".

Iran’s Supreme Court upheld the sentence after he requested an appeal.

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry in a statement on Wednesday afternoon provided further details about Akbari and his arrest.

It named Akbari, a former deputy defence minister, as “one of the most infiltrating agents of the spying service of the evil UK in the country’s sensitive and strategic centers,” noting that he was identified and arrested after a “long and multi-layered process” involving “counter-intelligence” and “deception operation.”

The “key spy,” according to the ministry, had sent the acquired information from sensitive centers to the enemy’s spy service on several occasions while being “completely aware” of his actions.

Iranian forces spotted Akbari when he met with a number of British intelligence officers in the UK embassy in Tehran as he had gone to the diplomatic mission to collect a visa, reads the statement, adding that he became a “full-fledged employee” of the MI6 during his personal trips to Europe.

Iran’s counter-intelligence forces intervened in the communication between him and the MI6, infusing “guided information” into it, added the statement, noting that he was arrested after a judicial order was issued.

“Although the evil English enemy has managed to take advantage of this individual’s weaknesses and recruit him, they surely do not know which part of the obtained information is guided and [which part is] deceptive,” the Intelligence Ministry added.


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      Thank you so much. Iran is not afraid of any terror regime not criminals in charge of them as is not testing anything but rather exercising it's full rights by sending traitors to hell they belong to. Nothing and no one comes before Iran, Iranians, their independence, freedom, prosperity, and their