US plans to continue using Kyiv as proxy to fight Russia

TEHRAN, Dec. 22 (MNA) – Ukrainian President Zelensky's visit to the US confirms Washington's plans to continue using Kyiv as a proxy for an indirect war against Russia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has indicated.

"It shows that the United States continues its line of a de facto and indirect fight against Russia to the last Ukrainian," Peskov said, speaking to journalists on Thursday.

Peskov expressed regret that the trip did not see any sincere calls for peace, nor make any mention of the suffering of civilians in the Donbas, Sputnik reported.

"...We can state with regret that neither President Biden nor President Zelensky uttered even a few words which could be read as a potential willingness to listen to Russia's concerns," the Kremlin spokesman said. "Not a single word was heard from Mr. Zelensky about the continued barbaric shelling of residential buildings in the settlements of the Donbass...No real calls for peace, not for the camera, but real ones were made."

At his joint press conference with Biden on Wednesday, Zelensky said that "there can't be any just peace" in Ukraine "in the war that was imposed on us" by Russian "non-humans."

Zelensky's comments marked a soft retort of his US host, who told reporters just several minutes prior that Kyiv was "open to a just peace" with Moscow if the conditions were right.

The Ukrainian president urged Washington to up its military and financial support to Kyiv, including Patriot air defense systems.

Biden promised his guest that the US would stay "with Ukraine as long as there is a Ukraine."

Zelensky followed up on his talks with Biden with an address before a joint session of Congress, urging the American people to provide more weaponry and to slap more sanctions on Russia. "We have artillery, yes - thank you," he said. "Is it enough? Honestly, not really. To make sure the Russians completely pull out, more shells and cannons are needed," he urged.

The Ukrainian president's Washington visit comes amid growing fears in the White House and the president's party that a substantial number of Republicans may no longer be ready to write any more 'blank checks' to Ukraine when the new Congress convenes in January. US assistance to Kyiv is already on track to top $100 billion in 2022, on top of billions more delivered to the country since the 2014 US-backed coup.

Many Washington insiders remain confident that the flow of cash and weapons to Ukraine will continue into the new year, with mostly pro-MAGA Republican skeptics of further assistance making up a minority in their own party, while neocon war hawks like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham promise to vote with Democrats in new outlays.


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