Necessity of filing lawsuit against Albania

TEHRAN, Sep. 11 (MNA) – Albania's decision to cut off diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran was not an unpredictable action considering the nature of the government of Tirana.

After the last group of members of the terrorist group of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) named Monafeghin in Iran, left Baghdad's Liberty Camp for Albania on September 2016, the nature of the government of Tirana became clear, and ignoring the terrorist activities of this group by Albania was an unfriendly act towards the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The records show that in 2012, " Sali Berisha", the former prime minister of the poor country of Albania, in order to receive financial aid from the United States, accepted the proposal of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and agreed to accept 200 members of the terrorist organization Mujahedin-e-Khalq from Liberty camp in Iraq, transfer to Albania. Due to this agreement, the government of Albania agreed to receive the members of this terrorist group after receiving financial aid from the United States. Subsequently, Senator John McCain, the leader of the American Congress Republicans, met with the leaders of this terrorist group on April 28, 2015, in Tirana.

The government of Tirana first announced that it would accept a number of terrorist refugees only temporarily, but after receiving more financial aid from the United States, it became the host and supporter of this very dangerous terrorist organization and sent criminal members of this group to training camps. Since then, many pieces of evidence, including pictures and videos published by the MKO in cyberspace, show the activity of this group in Albania against the system and the people of Iran.

Although the activities of the terrorist sect of the MKO group were accompanied by Iran's strong protest; the Albanian government, despite having official relations with Tehran, left this terrorist group free. The MKO established a headquarters called Mozhgan headquarters in Tirana, and the criminal leaders of this group pursued the reconstruction of their decaying organization with strict security measures and government support.

Since the transfer of the MKO terrorist group from Iraq to Albania, it was predicted that the dependence of the government of Tirana on American dollars and supporting the terrorists could have a negative impact on the future relations between Tehran and Tirana, and it might have been better at the same time that Iran appealed in its political relations with Albania. Even today, the Islamic Republic of Iran can take serious action and file a lawsuit against Albania based on international rules regarding the sheltering of anti-Iranian terrorists. At the same time, Iran's protest against the United Nations should also be announced and the silence of this international organization against the activity of a terrorist organization in Albania against a member of the United Nations should be condemned.

The terrorist group of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) is responsible for the assassination of seventeen thousand officials and ordinary citizens of Iran, including Iran's president and prime minister, nuclear scientists, as well as thousands of Iraqi Arabs and Kurds in cooperation with Saddam, the former Iraqi president, and according to international rules, no country can support this group. There is no justification and the Albanian government is a partner in the crimes of this group.

There is no doubt that the acceptance of known terrorists in Albania is contrary to the international standards and regulations and conventions against terrorism, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the officials of the judiciary can protest against the unusual action of the Albanian government and diligently and continuously demand the cessation of activities. and expel this group from Albania.

The behavior of the Albanian government and cutting off diplomatic relations with Iran for fictitious reasons also has no logical basis and is based on fake and false information from some Zionist security services, which is a condemnable and unacceptable action. In this situation, the Islamic Republic of Iran should use all its political power and international position to condemn and punish the government of Tirana.

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