Good occupation, bad occupation

TEHRAN, Apr. 05 (MNA) – The reversal of concepts and realities under the guidance of powerful governments and their mass media is a new phenomenon in the international system.

During Obama's presidency in the United States, new terms such as "good terrorism" and "bad terrorism" entered the world's political literature. With this approach in the case of Israel's invasion of Palestine, the Western media described the oppressed Palestinians as an example of "bad terrorism" and called the Zionist regime's crimes against Palestine "a defense of the rights of the Jews." After the creation of ISIS and al-Qaeda, the Americans described takfiri groups as a kind of "good terrorism" fighting against the dictatorship in Syria to justify their presence in this country.

The division of terrorism by the West into good and bad groups was a dangerous distance that led to the growth and development of terrorism even in Europe. Naturally, the issue of terrorism and terrorism is condemned and irrational in every way, and at that time, Iran, which is at the forefront of the fight against terrorism, condemned the false concepts of good and bad terrorism.

With the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, the concepts of "good occupation" and "bad occupation" are entering the world political literature. The United States, which has never condemned the Israeli occupation of Palestine and has supported the Saudi-led invasion and occupation of Yemen, has raised the banner of opposition to the occupation of countries, including Ukraine, and supports Ukraine's territorial integrity. Interestingly, the occupying regime in Jerusalem, which has been committing crimes against the occupation of Palestine for many years, also declares its opposition to the occupation of Ukraine. More interestingly, Turkey, which has occupied northern Cyprus since 1974 with a military offensive, also condemns Russia's occupation of Ukraine. In another double standard, Turkey opposes the Armenian occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh in the Caucasus, while considering itself an occupier of Northern Cyprus. The US and NATO occupation of Afghanistan were one of the good occupations under the pretext of fighting terrorism, which led to the destruction of Afghanistan and the humiliating defeat of NATO.

But more disgusting is the occupation of territories, the division of occupation into good and bad, and the dual attitude of Western countries and their allies and international organizations, including the United Nations, in support of the territorial integrity of countries. In their view, if a European country is occupied by mobs and whites, it is a "bad occupation" and should be dealt with severely. But if Palestine or Yemen and other West Asian countries are occupied, it is a "good occupation" and should be supported.

In the Ukraine crisis, Western countries and international institutions deprived Russia of its rights. In this crisis, FIFA ignores the "non-political nature" of sports matches, and Russia, as a "bad occupier", can not participate in the Qatar World Cup. While Saudi Arabia is present in these games as a "good occupier" and the UAE has reached the playoffs as a "good occupier". The Zionist regime, Turkey and Armenia are also good occupiers who are present in all European and world games.

What is certain is that the occupation of independent countries by any other country is disgusting and contrary to international standards. For this reason, the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a principled position, never supports the occupation of territories. Iran has not supported the occupation of northern Cyprus by Turkey or the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh by Armenia, as it has condemned the occupation of Palestine by Israel or the occupation of Yemen by the Saudi coalition. In the Ukraine crisis, Iran has also supported the country's territorial integrity and has not even voted in favor of Russia or the occupation of Abkhazia and Georgia in international forums, including Crimea.

It seems that the world, after dividing terrorism into good and bad, should also experience the division of "good and bad occupation". Today, the dual treatment and unfair division of internationally accepted concepts and values ​​are one of the main reasons for the emergence of various wars and the world moving away from just peace. Until international organizations, especially the United Nations, can end the current divisions between "good and bad terrorism" and "good and bad occupation", we must see the growth of terrorism and the occupation of countries in future.

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