Russia wisely managing the Ukraine crisis

TEHRAN, Feb. 21 (MNA) – Evidence shows that President Putin and Russia are managing the issue wisely, trying to keep this tension between Russia and Ukraine unique and not spreading to Europe.

Regarding the developments in Ukraine, several important issues and different actors should be considered. The United States, as the first player, is trying to force Russia to involve in the war with Ukraine. The US goal is a major goal in the context of global competition with Russia, to put pressure on the country, as well as to weaken its position to contain Moscow in Eurasia, West Asia and Europe, and overall to weaken a rival trying to revive the Cold War. Therefore, the US goals go beyond the issue of Ukraine and defending this country or cooperating with Europe. The United States, in fact, wants Moscow to go to war and impose its demands on Russia, which is under sanctions.

In Europe, we see disagreements over how to deal with Russia; Britain, which is not part of the European Union, has a position similar to that of the United States to contain Russia and draw Moscow into war and provocations. We have repeatedly seen the United States and Britain boost their military strength in Ukraine and bring troops closer to it. Although the United States is reluctant to allow Ukraine to join NATO, it is also trying to forge closer military ties with Ukraine. The United States also showed in 2014 that when Russia annexed Crimea, it would not stand by Europe and despite initial promises, took advantage of the escalation of Russia-Europe differences. 

But for EU countries that see themselves as Russia's neighbors and need to receive gas from Russia and look to the big Russian market, they seek to resolve the issue through diplomatic means and not allow a war to break out because Russia's war with Europe, It will be a long-term war, and it could have devastating political and economic consequences in Europe and even lead to a change of governments. which is why we see that German Chancellor Schultz and French President Macron both went to the Kremlin and met with Mr. Putin. At the Munich Security Conference, senior German officials also stressed that they were looking for a diplomatic solution.

The Ukrainian government, which has previously lost Crimea, is seeking to ensure that Donetsk and Luhansk, which have declared independence and are predominantly Slavic and pro-Russian, do not secede.

Russia has acted wisely so far and has not yet entered the war, but the recent steps taken by Ukraine to seize the two eastern cities have created problems for Russia; The first is that immigrants from these cities have gone to Russian border cities and taken refuge, and the second is that, in terms of prestige, the Russian Duma has called for the recognition of the independence of these two cities and seeks to support them. If Russia makes a mistake and enters the war for this reason, I believe it will be harmed and has done what the United States wish. But the evidence shows that President Putin and Russia are managing the issue wisely, trying to keep this tension between Russia and Ukraine unique and not spreading to Europe. 

It is possible that with the mediation of some European countries, Ukraine and Russia will sit at the negotiating table and solve the problem of the eastern regions.

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