Nasrallah blames "wrongly trust in US" for Ukrainian crisis

TEHRAN, Mar. 01 (MNA) – Secretary-General of Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah pointed to Ukraine conflict on Tuesday and said that " The US is not trustworthy, those who rely on Washington will lose."

Secretary-General of Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech in Beirut on Tuesday on the occasion of 30th martyrdom anniversary of 2nd Secretary-General of Hezbollah Movement.

In the beginning of his speech, he congratulated Eid al-Mab’ath, the day Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was chosen as God’s Messenger, to all Muslims across the world.

Referring to the outstanding personality of second secretary general of Hezbollah in Lebanon, Nasrallah said, “Sayyid Abbas Mousavi’s major concern was Islam and he was a student of "Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr" School. After martyrdom of Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr, he followed the School of Thought of Imam Khomeini (AS), founding father of the Islamic Revolution. Both Schools were complementary and consistent with each other.”

Martyr Seyyed Abbas Mousavi dedicated his life to continuation of Hezbollah Resistance Movement in Lebanon, Nasralla emphasized.

Sayyid Abbas Musavi was born in 1952 in town of Nabi Sheet of Balabek in Lebanon. His father was among the professional architects of the tower of the mosque. After a few years, his family went to Zahiyeh, the southern part of Beirut. Sayyid, spent his first few years of school in this region. When he reached the age of 18, the love for Palestine was in his heart. He was upset with the massacre of the people of Palestine.

Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah was elected as Secretary-General of Hezbollah Resistance Movement after Seyyed Abbas Mousavi who was assassinated by Zionists. Mousavi was assassinated by Zionist fighter jets while returning from the commemoration ceremony of the martyrdom of "Sheikh Ragheb Harb" who was a Lebanese leader and Muslim cleric.

Elsewhere, the Hezbollah leader said that events taking place between Ukraine and Russia are dangerous.

Nasrallah slammed double standards taken by international community regarding developments in Ukraine.

How did the international community reacted to wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria and Yemen?, he asked.

He added "In this world the strongest is glorified, while the weakest is oppressed."

The US to blame over the crisis in Ukraine, Washington has been inciting and working on this scenario for weeks, Nasrallah further said on Ukraine war, adding ""This is the fate of those who hand over their weapons and rely on ‘fake guarantees’."

"US is not trustworthy, those who rely on Washington will lose," the Hezbollah leader concluded.

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