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TEHRAN, Apr. 10 (MNA) – Any PCO driver in the UK, no matter if they are working for Uber or other rideshare apps, they need to have an accepted car by TfL.

It totally depends on the driver’s preference to choose a personal car or hire a car. But today, as Uber is getting the top ranking among the PHV operators, we are going to have a clear overview of Uber cars and Uber car rental. If you are planning to join Uber or you are already a member but looking for an Uber car rental London company, don’t miss to read this article.

Taking a cab is a vital and viral issue all around the world. This issue made creative people think of a new and unique idea like Uber. Every one of us, every day takes taxis to different destinations. But Uber car rental was a new program that was announced in April 2018 in the Uber app. In this article, we will get to know this program better and see some important details.

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Uber car rental in the UK

Requirements of hiring an Uber car rental

What factors to consider when hiring a car


Uber car rental in the UK

Are you in the UK and looking for a PCO car to rent? Then you have 2 options:

Rent a car directly from Uber

Rent an Uber ready car from Uber hire car UK companies

Although Uber itself offers drivers car rentals, it is good to know that Uber has a contract with vehicle partnerships so it can’t be considered a direct car rental in London. Besides, you can read on the Uber website that they are not responsible for the products and services of other companies. Then, Uber hire car UK companies to become a better option, so let’s see what they offer.

Uber ready vehicles refer to those cars which have all the requirements of Uber including insurance, TfL checklist and any other licenses and documents needed to be sent to Uber. As soon as you choose a PCO car hire in London, you can simply start the process of becoming an Uber driver. It is good to know that a great Uber car rental London company offers free documentation upload which can quicken the process of activating your Uber account.

There are a few things you need to provide when you want to have a PCO car hire which can be less or more based on the companies’ standards.

Requirements of hiring an Uber car rental

The company we overviewed for this article was G&M direct hire. Based on this company’s requirements, if you want to have an Uber car rental in London, prepare the following list of documents:

A valid national insurance number

A valid PCO license

A valid driving license

First-week rental fee (plus the deposit fee if you don’t want an instalment)

The new drivers might not know enough about PCO license so let’s see what it is and how you can receive one.

PCO license

PCO (public carriage office) license is the degree the TfL committee gives through testing you to evaluate if you are a qualified driver in the UK or not. The test is done on:

Map reading (topographical test)

Language proficiency (English test)

Health condition (Medical tests)

Background test (by offering DBS certification)

The results show your status and based on the status it will be decided if you are in good condition to receive a PCO license and become a private hire driver. Once you get a PCO license, it is valid for 3 years and you can apply for PCO cars or PHV operators. Note that after 3 years you need to renew it and the renewal has a few steps as well.

What factors to consider when hiring a car?

Now, the most important question is what car to hire in the UK? Are all the vehicles provided with a suitable choice? What car would have fewer expenses or make me save more? Well, this is what we are going to cover thoroughly in this section.

First of all, you are the one who chooses the car among the options. There might be a dream vehicle for you out there which makes you not see any other good vehicle, or you might already own a dream car and look for a low-cost vehicle. Therefore, this is totally up to you. But, if you don’t have any special choice, considering a few factors can help you to choose an appropriate PCO car hire in London.

The fuel consumption

Consumption of a car is a critical factor as you may spend up to half your earnings on this issue. Note that, the Uber car rental being petrol-based or electric-based, can change the expenses as well. For example, a full electric PCO car hire is free of congestion fees while normal cars are not, so you can save this expense. Besides, you can be an environmentally friendly PCO driver by having an electric car. However electric cars are quite more expensive. Thus, if you can afford it, hire an electric car.

Capacity of the PCO car hire

The more riders you take, the more money you make! This is a fact that when you pick a family or a group of friends, the fees are higher and you are most likely to earn more tips. You can hire an Uber car rental in London from 4 to 7 passengers through G&M direct hire. Although, you can find more ride options by a 4 passenger vehicle.

Weekly rental fee

Rent an Uber car in London that you can afford. It doesn’t make sense to hire a PCO car in London when you can’t pay off the rental fee. If you are a new driver, we suggest you hire cheaper vehicles for the first weeks to experience how you can earn. Then decide if you can have a better Uber car rental in London or not.

Hiring a car for Uber can be done in two ways:

Choosing the Uber car rental program.

Choosing a PCO car hire company to rent a car.

The second choice refers to all companies with a similar field of G&M Direct Hire which offer you different PCO Uber ready cars and you can immediately join Uber after renting a PCO car.


Considering the factors mentioned, hiring a PCO car to join Uber or other rideshare apps is a better choice. Note that before hiring a PCO car in London, search about the car you want and prepare all the required documents to boost the speed of the hiring process. We hope reading this article would be a useful piece of reading and make it easier for you to decide to rent a PCO car in London.

source: PCO blog

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