Anti-Iranian resolution in UNGA lacks legal credibility: spox

TEHRAN, Dec. 17 (MNA) – In reaction to the adoption of an anti-Iranian resolution in the UN General Assembly, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman considered this resolution to have no legal credibility.

In reaction to the adoption of the anti-Iranian resolution in the UN General Assembly, which was proposed by Canada and with the support of European countries and the Zionist regime, Saeed Khatibzadeh said that the resolution lacks legal credibility, deploring the stances adopted by the initiators of the resolution on the instrumental use of international organizations to impose pressure on Iran.

Stating that many chief initiators of the resolution have a dark record of brazen and systematic violation of human rights, particularly through military interventions in other countries and arms sales to dictatorial and despotic regimes, he noted, "The resolution that was adopted at the United Nations General Assembly yesterday with the votes of less than half of the UN Member States and non-participation of more than 110 countries is in fact the same text that was recently ratified by the General Assembly Third Committee with the same votes and was passed at the General Assembly according to modus operandi of the United Nations."

Expressing an abhorrence of the deep-rooted hypocrisy of initiators of the resolution, Khatibzadeh also said that they have turned a blind eye to the US’ economic terrorism against the Iranian nation under the influence of US bullying and have practically sunk to the level of the US regime’s accomplices instead of condemning the illegal and anti-human sanctions imposed by the US.

He urged Canada and the other main supporters of the resolution to stop interventionist and immoral behavior towards independent nations.

“Such unconstructive measures would not only not help the promotion of human rights at the global level, but only aggravate negative clichés and political labeling against the independent states,” the Iranian diplomat highlighted.

“We condemn the move by the Canadian government and other initiators of the resolution, which is a blatant example of abuse of the transcendent concepts and values of human rights for the advancement of short-sighted political intentions, and find it to be lacking in any legal credibility and effect,” he said.

The spokesman also said that like the previous voting at the Third Committee, 114 countries out of around 190 UN Member States have refused to support the resolution, adding that the move by Canada and the chief initiators of the resolution was in line with their policy of pinning the blame on others in the field of human rights.

He emphasized that the repetition of fake and false reports from that group of countries against the Iranian people would only further discredit their human rights claims.

An anti-Iranian resolution initiated by Canada, which had been put forward at the UN in New York several years ago within the framework of a certain work plan among a series of Western states, was adopted by the UN General Assembly yesterday.

The resolution had already received initial approval from the Third Committee of the General Assembly.

Fewer than 80 countries and regimes voted in favour of the resolution, including the Zionist regime, the US, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Albania, the UK, Canada, France, and Germany. However, the majority of the UN Member States -some 115 countries- refused to support the resolution, a clear sign that the bulk of countries are dissatisfied with the arrogant and selective approach of the initiators of the resolution.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson had already mentioned a list of the governments initiating and sponsoring resolutions against Iran and had denounced Canada’s shameful move to rally “a group of notorious governments in the human rights sphere”, including the US regime, the Zionist regime, and Bahrain, for training Iranian people in human rights.

Khatibzadeh had also called on the Canadian officials to focus their attention on correcting their anti-human performance inside and outside Canada, stop the Canadian regime’s systematic policy of genocide of native Canadian people, and be held accountable for aiding and abetting the anti-human crimes committed by the Saudi and Israeli regimes against people of Yemen and Palestine.


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