Regional security depends on Yemen’s security

TEHRAN, Dec. 16 (MNA) – Yemeni Defense Minister Major General Mohammed al-Atifi says the security and stability of the region lie in the security and stability of Yemen.

"All those held by the Zionist American decisions must realize that Yemen is steadfast and resistant to aggression and its conspiratorial plans and that it will continue its resistance and struggle against all projects of submission, surrender, domination,” Al-Masirah quoted him as saying.

He pointed to the major achievements made at the military level, rebuilding the armed forces and strengthening the defensive and offensive capabilities of Yemen during the past years amid aggression and siege of enemies. ‘

He praised the qualitative successes of the Yemeni military industries, which were able to achieve major achievements in the field of developing and modernizing strategic deterrence weapons such as missiles and drones which have led to the balance of power on the battlefield. The minister said that such weapons have had an effective role in confronting the aggression and targeting its military bases and vital economic facilities, the most important being the Aramco oil facility.

"The Yemeni military industries are working day and night to develop high-quality, more accurate, larger-range weapons capable of reaching their goals, and the enemy's defense systems will not be able to hinder them."

The resistance of the Yemeni nation during the past six years, he continued, proves a ‘catastrophic failure’ for the aggressors in the military, economic, political, and security fields.

"Everyone who is concerned with the economic interests of his country and securing maritime navigation in the region should realize that security and safety in Yemen is the core issue for all, but not through killing the Yemenis and imposing a comprehensive siege on them. Rather, it lies in the unity and territorial integrity of Yemen and its sovereignty and the building of a strong unified state in which security and stability prevail."

"We are the ones who will preserve maritime navigation and protect international interests in the region through our vital strategic and vital location and the great security importance it represents for international shipping lanes south of the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait, through the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden, to the gateway to the Indian Ocean."


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