Regime trying to collapse Iran reached its own end shamefully

TEHRAN, Nov. 11 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani said the US regime, which tried to collapse the Iranian establishment has reached its own end shamefully.

Speaking at the Cabinet session on Wednesday, Rouhani reiterated that Iran’s policy has always been based on respect to nations and multilateralism.

“The same policy that the Islamic Republic of Iran had yesterday, will have today and tomorrow."

He said the problem with the falling US regime, which is spending its last days, it was not quite familiar with international politics and was almost implementing the views of domestic extremists and the Zionist regime on the international arena.

"Look at the speeches this man [Donald Trump] delivered about Iran in the international forums; he used the same expressions and words that the Zionist regime uses," Rouhani said.

“When you see such speeches, you will fully understand who wrote it for him, and all his problems stemmed from the fact that they [US politicians] could not make decisions based on the interests of the American people and the interests of the world.”

Rouhani pointed out two reasons why they fell behind in the elections and their rival fell ahead.

“First was the American government’s inability to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, which inflicted a great pain upon the American people.”

The second issue, he added, was the breakdown of the US relations with the world during the presidency of Donald Trump.

Referring to the humanitarian crisis in the US, Rouhani said, "The Americans have never been so disgraced in the history of international relations in the United Nations and in the UN Security Council."

The president then reiterated that the Islamic Republic of Iran holds a very clear policy. “Our policy is based on peace and stability in the region and respect for the rights of nations. Our policy is based on non-aggression and non-interference in the internal affairs of countries. Our policy is to fight terrorism.”

"Our policy is the end of unilateralism," Rouhani concluded.


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