El Salvadorian filmmaker hails medical personnel

TEHRAN, Sep. 26 (MNA) – Iran’s 16th Resistance International Film Festival has held an interview with Susana Beatriz Serrano, a filmmaker from El Salvador. 

Susana Beatriz Serrano is 22 years old. Currently, studying journalism at the University of El Salvador. He has won different photography awards about social topics.

His film "Phosporôs" has honored mentions and was the first place at the ESCINE short film festival made by cellphones. He has also participated in different contests such as the contest "La llamadaFeminista" with her short films "Hijas de Xochiquetzal".

The excerpt of the interview follows:

Tell us about your film. How did you make it? Why did you choose such a subject?

The short film represents an overview of the principal line during this pandemic caused by the COVID-19. In Latin language "Phosporôs" etymologically means "the light carries". There is no doubt how the medical personnel are the light carries more than ever. Moreover, the short film was a way to show a piece of what I daily live.

My mother is a nurse and my sister is studying medicine, but in general terms the film shows us the huge labor that the first line was fighting against for saving the lives of all of us.

What was the purpose of the film related with the coronavirus as a pandemic issue and the effort of the doctors and nurses as pioneers defending the peoples' health?

The visibility of their battle and continuous efforts. We can observe people we know who work at the hospitals, given all of their self-service: tired, but always searching the way to save the lives of the ones who get the virus. As well, I believe that is a recognition for the ones who lost their lives trying to save others.

I wanted to speak about those doctors and nurses who are risking their lives each day hoping humanity improves their lifestyle and manners due to the pandemic. Finally, the film shows no matter how big the enemy can be, outside there will be humans that will endanger their lives for others.

What was the memorable and significant part of the creative process during pandemic?

I personally believe that working with less and creating with the unique aim of showing a constant reality.
This film was made with materials I found at home and for my very first time, I decided to create a stop motion film. The film was accepted by many people, they said that "It was a tribute or honor for the ones who are fighting against COVID-19 at the first line".

Producing the film with low budget and no professional equipment shows us that we are all capable of generating our vision about what we feel and believe with the materials we have.

Which topic will you choose to produce another film about the pandemic after controlling the spread of the virus?
Answer: A topic about the lesson we learned after this huge change and challenge as humanity we had to live through and how we take our decision.

This process taught us that we all, humans, are fragile. For that reason, we must take care about our common and unique home: the planet earth. Not only our lives as human’s matter but the lives of all existing species in the world. It is necessary to show the sacrifices we are living due this pandemic are lessons to be better human beings.

Let's remember the last question; if you have the opportunity to choose only one person to see the film with you at the cinema. Who will be your chosen one? And who would you like to give as a present to your film?

In both questions, I will choose my mom, because the film was dedicated to people like her and I would like to honor her sacrifice during these hard times with the thing that I love to do: films.


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