US intelligence behind assassinations in Basra

TEHRAN, Aug. 24 (MNA) – Spokesman of Al-Sadiqoun Bloc in Iraq, Mahmoud al-Rabiee, has talked to MNA about the US scenario for creating unrest in the south of Iraq with the aim of achieving its political goals.

Basra province in southern Iraq has been the scene of high tensions and riots in recent days amid popular protests against the economic situation in the country.

However, it seems that the protests in Basra have become a cover for some rioters to damage public property and aggravate the situation by creating unrest in the region.

In the midst of these protests, the assassination of a number of Iraqi activists by unknown agents has worsened the situation in Basra.

To shed more light on this, Mehr News Agency conducted an interview with Spokesman of Al-Sadiqoun Bloc in Iraq, Mahmoud al-Rabiee, about the developments in Basra province and the recent visit of the Iraqi Prime Minister to the United States.

Why do you think Basra province is so important for the United States?

Basra is one of the most important provinces in Iraq, home to Iraq’s only waterway. Basra is the most important and largest economic city in Iraq and is considered as one of the top competitors in regional and international issues.

The United States is trying to bring Basra under its own influence, as the province is close to the US-allied Persian Gulf states, and with their help, Washington intends to take control of the Middle East, which is like the center of the world.

Do you think that the US is involved in the recent assassinations in Basra and the riots in this province?

That’s exactly the reason behind the recent moves by the American consulate in this province. The Americans are trying to take advantage of the protests of the youth of Basra to achieve their own goals. For this reason, we strongly believe that the US intelligence service and its affiliated gangs are behind the assassinations in Basra.

With these assassinations, the Americans are trying to create chaos in Basra, turning this region into a center of tension and sedition, and then affecting and altering the general situation in Iraq. Unfortunately, partisan conflicts over official positions in Basra have played a large role in creating the current situation.

The media have also tried to tarnish the resilient nature of Basra, which is a source of goodness and blessings for Iraqis, by presenting images of chaos and turmoil in the province. However, the children of the residents of Basra have played an important role in liberating Iraq from foreign occupiers and elements of the terrorist organization ISIL.

Why was there no talk of an immediate withdrawal of the American occupiers during Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Kadhimi's visit to the US and his meeting with President Donald Trump?

The visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi to the US cannot be judged on a success or failure basis, since the trip showed the inability of Iraqi leaders to express the will of their people and members of parliament.

The fact that al-Kadhimi did not say anything about the immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq during this trip makes it clear that he does not value the wishes of the Iraqi people. Regarding the agreements signed during Al-Kadhimi’s visit to the US, I must say that anyone who pins hopes on the Americans is only following a mirage.

Moreover, Trump has destroyed Iraq and made some wrong decisions regarding the recognition of Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist regime. For this one move alone, we should boycott him and call for the arrest of this criminal, not to meet with him and sign an agreement.

By signing these agreements with Trump, Iraqi officials gave him the opportunity to consolidate his position after his major failure to resolve US internal and external crises during his time in the White House.

During this meeting, Trump said that the withdrawal of American troops would take three years. How do you evaluate this claim?

The three-year deadline for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq reflects Trump's demands; Meanwhile, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi remained silent in the face of this demand and acted as if he was okay with it.

Al-Kadhimi is well aware that we are committed to our pledge to our martyrs regarding the immediate withdrawal of US troops; as such, we are opposed to this deadline and want a schedule for the immediate withdrawal of the American troops from our country.

Interview by: Fatemeh Salehi


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