Petrochemical industries playing key role in non-oil exports

TEHRAN, Jul. 27 (MNA)- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that petrochemical and steel industries are playing a key role in the field of production and non-oil export in the country.

Producers and activists of petrochemical and steel industries at the forefront of the country's important economic and export front. Petrochemical and steel sectors have passed crude sales.  

Speaking on Monday evening in a meeting with producers and activists of the country's petrochemical and steel industries, Rouhani emphasized that self-reliance on valuable products of the petrochemical and steel sectors is an important achievement for the country, and said, "we have invested $14 billion for the advancement the second step of development in the petrochemical sector.”

Appreciating the efforts of all activists in the two sectors of steel and petrochemicals, Rouhani said that these two sectors have returned their currency on time, and if the government is proud to stand against US sanctions and foreign pressure, this resistance is in the shadow of help and efforts of all producers, investors and entrepreneurs, especially in the steel and petrochemical chains, who have been made it possible.

"Fortunately, our products are competitive in terms of quality in the global market, and if the quality of the product is not high, we cannot compete in the market," he said.

He emphasized the importance of completeness of the production chain and said, "In the production process until the final consumption, the production chain must be complete and fortunately today, we are self-sufficient in most of the petrochemical and steel products in the country and we stand on our own two feet. Self-reliance and self-sufficiency have been important achievements of these valuable products in the country.”

Referring to the need to prevent the sale of raw materials in the country's production sector, the President said, "Today in petrochemicals and steel, we have parted from the sale of raw materials and have reached added value, which can boost employment and develop downstream industries".

"We have seen an increase in production in other areas, including agricultural products, over the years," he said, adding, "Agricultural production in this government has increased from 97 million tons to 130 million tons, and self-sufficiency in wheat is an important achievement of this increase in production".

The President stated, "we should not think only of the short term of our responsibility, it is a wrong idea to see only 4 years or a year left of our government, all governments have a heavy and big task, which is protecting the national interests of the country.”

The President said that enemies thought that two or three months after the sanctions and the economic war against the Iranian nation, we would be forced to contact them, saying, "During the two years and three months that have passed since the imposition of the most severe economic sanctions, they have repeatedly requested to have negotiations and dialogue.”

Emphasizing that we are have no problem with negotiation and are not seeking to put up a show, Rouhani said, "their sanctions are economic terrorism, and they have waged a medicinal terrorism against the Iranian nation during the outbreak of coronavirus.”

"First, they have to put an end to the illegal action they have started and lift the sanctions. This is not a precondition but a fact," continued Rouhani.

The President said that the efforts for the development of the country and the surge in production will continue this year and next year, adding, "With the opening of new projects in the petrochemical and steel sectors in the coming weeks and months, we will witness the process of great development of the country and a jump in production.”


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