Iran-Syria military coop. to defeat Zionist Regime

TEHRAN, Jul. 17(MNA) – An Iranian Lawmaker said that military cooperation agreements must be signed between Iran and regional countries including Syria to strengthen Iran and the axis of Resistance and to defeat the Zionist Regime and other enemies.

Speaking in an interview with Mehr News Agency, Seyyed Mahmoud Nabavian made some remarks in response to some questions over Iran’s international affairs.

“According to Security Council Resolution 2231, the arms embargo on Iran will expire soon,” he said in reaction to the extension of arms embargoes on Iran, adding that “being a permanent member of the Security Council, Russia has a veto power to insist on the full implementation of the Resolutions strictly. On this basis, if the United State intend to pass a resolution against Iran, Russia will definitely use its veto power in order to preserve its own prestige.

Nabavian expressed his opposition against Iran’s withdrawal from the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty), stressing that “the NPT proves that our nuclear activities are peaceful, but if we withdraw from the NPT, it has some consequences for the country.”

"In fact, it is possible that the Security Council considers Iran's withdrawal from the NPT as a move towards non-peaceful nuclear activities, and such a decision would intensify the hostilities against Iran" he added.

“Some countries like China and Russia would stand by Iran if it stops the implementation the Additional Protocol,” he said, adding that “however if we leave the NPT, no country will use the veto in favor of Iran in the Security Council, because the NPT is the red line of all countries.”

“ Stopping the implementation of Additional Protocol is completely legal and in accordance with the JCPOA” he said, highlighting that “According to Article 3 of the JCPOA Implementation Law, which was approved by the parliament, the government is obliged to monitor the other member’s non-compliance in the lifting of sanctions or re-imposition of lifted sanctions and take reciprocal measures to realize the rights of the Iranian nation.

Iran’s intention of stopping the implementation of the Additional Protocol is temporary which gives leverage to the negotiating team of the Islamic Republic of Iran to say that if the United States lifts sanctions against Iran so that Iran can implement the Additional Protocol again, he said, adding that "With this plan, the parliament seeks to lift the oppressive sanctions against our country."

Elsewhere in his remarks, he reacted to recent rumors over the Iran-China document, noting that “according to the agreement, Iran and China will establish cooperation in various fields such as rail, science, technology, oil exports, and banking affairs, which is a very good opportunity for Iran under the sanctions. In fact, China is supposed to bring all its superior technologies to Iran, creating a lot of jobs for young people.”

Also, he made some remarks over the military agreement which has recently been signed between Iran and Syria and its impact on regional equations stressing that “Military agreements must be signed between Iran and the countries of the region in order to strengthen Iran and the Axis of Resistance and to defeat the Zionist regime and the enemies of the Resistance Front.


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