Defender of Palestinian rights should be vigilant not to fall in political traps: expert

TEHRAN, May 26 (MNA) – Bangkok based geologist believes that the ones are defending the Palestinian people's rights should be vigilant not to fall in political traps designed to deliberately draw out the conflict rather than end it.

To know more about the importance of defending the rights of oppressed Palestinian people and some measures taken by some Arabmonorchies to normalize ties with the Israeli regime, we reached out to  Bangkok- based geopolitical researcher Anthony Cartalucci.

Here is the full text of the interview with him:

Some Arab countries are seeking to normalize ties with the Israeli regime and they have even started producing TV series on the issue to affect public opinion. Why do you think they pursue such a normalization?

In many ways nations like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and other Arab allies of the US have worked hand-in-hand with Israel even if shrouded behind feigned concern regarding Palestine or supposed animosity against the ruling Israeli government. But actions speak louder than words and the combined efforts of the US, Israel, and several Arab nations since 2011 against Syria speak volumes to just how deep this Arab-Israeli cooperation goes making it no surprise that in the end, a process of "normalization" is taking place. 

This "normalization" is a result of a dire need to consolidate political, economic, and military power amid a losing policy of waging war against Syria, Yemen, and less directly against Iran and its allies both regional and abroad.  

Do you believe such measures will be fruitful at the end of the day for legitimizing the Israeli occupation?

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has always been a deliberate political point of leverage with Israeli regimes going out of their way to provoke global opinion and divide people over the issue. This will continue as long as the Israeli regime serves Western hegemonic interests in the Middle East rather than the best interests of the people who actually live within and along Israel's borders - including both Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Muslims, and everyone else caught in the middle of this conflict. 

The world marked the International Quds Day, on Friday. How do you assess the importance and role of this day in defending the right of Palestinians?

Of course, no matter what the motive is of Israeli aggression against Palestine and others in the region, it is aggression nonetheless and is threatening or destroying the lives of real people. 

It is important to defend the defenseless wherever they are - including in Palestine. It is important to make sure that in the process of defending the people of Palestine that those attempting to do so do not fall into political traps designed to deliberately draw out the conflict rather than end it. I think many organizations and nations realize this and have been doing so successfully, hence the inability of Israel and Washington's Arab allies' inability to continue pretending to be enemies and their need to openly consolidate their political and military power. 

And as the last question, the regime in Tel Aviv suffers from internal disputes between parties as it has failed to form a government. What’s your take on these domestic struggles?  

Israel's current aggressive and self-destructive policies benefit Washington and London, not the people of Israel. While many in the Israeli government are content in serving these interests in exchange for power and profits, the vast majority of those living in Israel do not receive any benefits at all. Not only there is no benefit for most Israelis in pursuing these policies, they run in contradiction to Israel's self-preservation as a state and its best socioeconomic interests. 

Thus it's little surprise that there are disputes within Israel politically and as the global balance of power shifts with the US waning and alternative centers of power growing, hopefully, those in Israel who have the nation, its people, and its neighbors' best interests in mind will have the opportunity to lead Israel away from its current, aggressive posture and function as a Western forward operating base and toward something more resembling an actual functioning nation-state.

Interview by Payman Yazdani

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