Imam Khomeini viewed the right path toward Quds: Islamic Jihad representative 

TEHRAN, May 16 (MNA) – Glorifying the International Quds Day, initiated by the founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini in 1979, is an annual event held on the last Friday of Ramadan to express support for the Palestinians and oppose Zionism and the Israeli regime. Quds Day is a unique form of a wide-aware campaign against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The Muslims around the world pour into the streets each year to mark Quds Day, but this year due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, rallies will have a different shape and style. The marchers are to prove that they will never give up their struggle against the Zionist regime of Israel. The Muslims are resolved to prove that the anti-Zionism path is always full of people who never put the Palestinian cause aside.   

A representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Tehran Naser Abu Sharif, in an interview with the Mehr News Agency, underscored, "The International Quds Day is the day of taking giant strides on the right path. It proves that any other path is wrong and destructive. The right path is moving towards Quds. Imam Khomeini's correct understanding of the religion, as well as the current situation, caused him to initiate the Quds Day."    

He further pointed to the internal crises with which the Zionist regime is struggling and said, "The Palestinian Arabs who are living in the occupied territories form over 40 percent of the territories' population. These residents include Muslims, Christians, and Druze people who have their own problems and tensions with the Zionist regime. There are also Jewish communities including Falasha and Haredim sects in the occupied territories. The Zionist regime has now turned into the greatest racist government worldwide as the far-right Zionist groups have been trying hard to broaden their control over the West Bank." 

Abu Sharif highlighted the existing political differences among the Zionist factions and said, "The recent elections reflected the regime's unstable political, social, and ideological situation. The election showed that the regime is suffering from considerable religious, factional, and tribal differences. In addition to deep differences among the political parties, there are over 10 different tribal, ideological, and religious groups inside the Zionist regime.    

"Possibly the mentioned internal differences and tensions do not leak out openly their consequences in social and political scenes, but when they are coupled with the central government's weakness and intensified political disputes, the problems will be more obvious. The internal disputes presage a very dangerous future for the regime as we are witnessing a big gap among key political parties and lack of reliable willful leadership in Tel Aviv. The mentioned deficits will bring a catastrophic fate for Israel," Abu Sharif stated.  

He added, "The Zionist regime, in spite of all-out support provided by the hegemonic powers, is experiencing a decrease in a number of those who follow far-rightists; there are also weaker extremist movements and hate against others. The Zionist regime is not ready anymore to handle a situation of internal coexistence to later pave the ground for coexistence with the Palestinians. Accordingly, the Tel Aviv regime will face a huge deadlock in the future. 

"Furthermore, the Zionists had to form a unity government without any form of solidarity. Vast political tensions that forced the Zionists to hold three rounds of elections (in less than a year) has now caused the Israeli political parties and lawmakers to choose Benyamin Netanyahu as the prime minister regardless of his scandalous cases," the representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement added.   

Abu Sharif said that now the illegal Zionist regime of Israel is 72-year old. However, he added, "The Zionists have not thus far been capable of forming a religion-oriented Jewish government. Their governments have been formed based on race and ethnicity which has been ruled by the Jews with Western origin. The Zionists have regarded the Jews with Eastern origin as some tools to materialize their hegemonic plots." 

"Regardless of the hegemonic powers' unsparing support for Israel and imposing pressure on the world nations to normalize relations with Tel Aviv and recognize the regime over the past decades, the Zionist regime has yet failed to gain international recognition. Israel is still an unstable shoddy building which may collapse in a jiffy," he underlined.   

He pointed to widespread corruption among the political leaders in Israel, and said, "We witness a large number of ministers and prime ministers in Israel facing corruption charges. The corrupt Israeli officials have lost their standing and position among the Israelis but they are still chanting racism and Zionism slogans. The only reason that brings the Israelis to a common point is their fear of living in an insecure situation.” 

Abu Sharif criticized certain Arab nations for ignoring the Palestinian cause and said, "The establishments (certain Arab leaders) that are currently ruling over the Ummah (the Islamic nations) suppose that they will fail to govern their countries without the West's financial and political support. Therefore, such Arab countries see no choice for themselves but accepting the United States' orders and demands. Such Arab countries believe that normalization of relations with Israel is the only path towards pleasing the US in turn, the US will slur over the whole crimes such Arab rulers have committed against their own people."  

He added, "These pro-West regimes are nothing but some tools used by the Zionists. The regimes are currently utilizing the entire facilities, funds, and media, including the MBC news network and other outlets, to distract the regional nations from the most important issues of the Ummah." 

Unfortunately, rulers in certain Arab countries imagine that the only way to preserve their power is turning back to their own people and seeking the hegemonic powers' assistance, he pointed out. 

"Fortunately, the Islamic world nations are completely aware. The Zionists' plots may deceive some simple-minded people but can't derail the Ummah's general policy which is defending the Palestinian cause and the holy Quds," Abu Sharif concluded.

Interview by Mohammad Mazhari

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