Iraqi Resistance’s attacks on US positions certain, erosive and surprise: Al-Nujaba’s Secretary-general

TEHRAN, Feb. 14 (MNA) – Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi, stressing the start of the countdown for the revenge zero hour, described the military response of the Iraqi Resistance to occupiers as erosive and surprise.

The secretary-general of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance attended and spoke in the fourth International Congregation of the Resistance and Security Martyrs, held in Tehran, reported al-Nujaba’s Centre for Communications and Media Affairs in Iran.  
Hujjat al-Islam Akram al-Kaabi, initially congratulating Fajr Ten-day and commemorating the Islamic Revolution of Iran, described Iraq as a country engaged in the war against colonisers and the one currently fighting a decisive battle against occupiers.  
Enumerating several cases of Iraqi sovereignty violation and its resources plunder by foreign countries, he pointed to the helps of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Lieutenant-general Soleymani to his country and announced, “The smallest step demonstrating our loyalty and the smallest revenge for their cowardly crime is the full cleansing of the region from the dirt of the Americans.  
Al-Nujaba’s secretary-general, rejecting the claim that “Iraq is standing against the US on the behalf of Iran”, pointed out, “The enemy seeks to shut mouths and provoke public thought against the Resistance using such deceptive claims; however, we in the Resistance Axis have a firm belief, and we aren’t afraid of threats, we have made a firm decision on the fulfilment of the “Horror Equation” and we will definitely expel them from our own land.” 
Then, in order to show the evilness of Americans, Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi recalled an untold memory of the martyred commander of Quds Corps and maintained, “In one of our meetings, Haj Qasim told me, “How shameless Americans are! Through an Iraqi, they sent me a message saying that if you agree to divide spoils of war with us, and provided that we both don’t act against each other, we have no objections to your presence in Iraq.” 
He further mentioned, “Haj Qasim lowered his head and very sadly told me, “I didn’t like to answer their message, but this time, I felt that their bullying should be answered. Therefore, I sent them a message saying that in our holy issues, beliefs and values, we have nothing to share with you. We are performing our religious task of defending this nation against your evil, as we want a strong and independent Iraq, yet, you want it a dependent one to plunder its resources. We defend the holy sites and Iraqi people with whom we share a single history, religion and belief, and you kill these people, occupy their land and target their culture with your media. Shame on you, you should leave the resources of Iraq to Iraqis. Iraq is so strong and great that it doesn’t allow countries like you divide its resources and you are too weak to set conditions for us.”
The top commander of the Iraqi Resistance announced the preparedness of the Islamic Resistance for taking a great epic revenge for shedding the blood of the Resistance martyred commanders and then, explicated, “We have performed the wash of martyrdom, closed all our official centres in Iraq and are prepared for the battle that changes the equation. Relying on the right of retaliation, we take open revenge and shoulder its responsibility courageously and formally.”  
Emphasizing the start of the countdown for the zero hour of revenge, al-Kaabi added, “Today, we are fully ready for an all-out attack and we are observing all their movements in the air and on earth including in Ain Assad, K-1, at-Taji, al-Mital, Sazar and other Air Bases.”
Referring to the enactment on the expulsion of foreign countries from Iraq, passed by the Iraqi parliament, together with millions of Iraqi demonstrators chanting the slogan “Never Never the US”, he pointed out, “Now, we, the Resistance, are obliged to fulfil this demand with a demolishing response; a response that is accompanied by special and erosive operations, the thing that Americans experienced during the years of occupation-until they, humiliated, left Iraq in 2011.” 
“Currently, concerning the defence of the Resistance forces, we are once again back to our older security method employed during the era of Iraqi occupation. The erosive war will be started and they will find no more target. Our roadside bombs, rockets and bullets targeted their last forces in the past, and today, their fighters and forces will be struck the same”, added al-Nujaba’s secretary-general. 
In another part of his speech, Hujjat al-Islam Akram al-Kaabi, referring to the assassination of the Resistance commanders as a historical turning point, stated, “The third day of January is the one on which several Suleymanies and Jamals (Abu Muhandis) are born across the world. Following this date, the Resistance has changed its position from defensive to offensive. Now, the road to Baghdad airport, the entrance corridor of American forces, will be turned into hell. Iraq is the land of Hussain ibn Ali (AS) and the place of the right’s battle against the wrong. As we conducted several imaging operations against American in the past, we will do it again, and if they come back, we will also return.”  
Stressing that the death, which the Yankees are afraid of, the ones who hide their corpses because of their fear of the inferiority of their bully gesture and the rejection of their false claims on being the world hegemon, is sweeter than honey for us, he pointed out, “We have sought martyrdom in all fronts for several years and there is no loss on this way, we will achieve either the success or martyrdom.” 
The top-rank commander of the Iraqi Resistance addressed American occupying forces as, “Return to your home! We are closer to you than your jugular vein. Everywhere is insecure for you and all threaten you. Suddenness is a basic characteristic of an all-out battle, and you can’t expect how our attack will be! I invite the generals of the coalition and commanders of the US to get out of the Hollywood atmosphere. Being buried in your own homeland is the smallest right of citizenship! Don’t let American politicians deprive you of this inalienable right! We give you this option!” 
Then, Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi explicated, “West Asia is the territory of the “Resistance Empire” whose capital is the Islamic Republic of Iran, and as I have announced once, “The Response to the assassination of the Resistance commanders will be given by the whole of this empire.” 
In the final part of his speech, pointing to the American-Zionist plan, called the “Deal of the Century”, al-Nujaba’s Secretary-general warned, “Trump’s Deal seeks to transform the essence, destroy the future and violate rights of the Palestinian nation, and making them some slaves and pushing them to escape; While Arabs and weak rulers are turned into the mercenaries of the US oppressing policies.” 
Al-Kaabi said, “Trump and planners of the Deal of the Century should know that the principal obstacle before the fulfilment of their aims is the axis extended from Sana'a to Gaza Strip, and from Quds to Tunisia. Looking from this perspective shows that there is a direct relationship between the Deal of the Century and whatever the US has recently done in the region, including making countries insecure and assassinating the commanders of the Resistance.”  
Finally, saying that “Negotiation with Zionists and Americans and believing their promises by those who are deceived by such false claims of the dealers of war will end in nothing but failure, embarrassment and losing the holy places and issues (of course without any war), he called for the cancellation of Oslo Treaty and termination of the security cooperation between the Palestinian National Authority and the Zionist Regime and called it the least practical step in West Bank. 
It should be noted that on Friday, the fourth International Congregation of the Resistance and Security Martyrs (Winners) was held in the presence of the top-rank military and state officials and representatives of the Resistance in Iran International Conference Centre.

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