US attack on PMU aggression against sovereign Iraq: US analyst

TEHRAN, Dec. 31 (MNA) – Hailing PMU and other resistance groups' role in challenging the US policy in Iraq and Syria, American analyst and columnist Stephen Lendman says US attack on PMU is aggression against sovereign Iraq.

US forces launched deadly airstrikes against Kata'ib Hezbollah bases, which is part of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), on Sunday night, claiming that the attacks have been in response to alleged attacks targeting US and coalition forces. 

To know more about the real reasons behind the US illegal act against an independent country, the issue was discussed with American analyst and columnist Stephen Lendman.

Commenting on the role of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) in foiling the US plots for the country and the region, Lendman said, "The PMUs and other resistance groups in Iraq, Syria and throughout the region are important to challenge the hostile US presence in the region where they'll never be peace as long as Pentagon forces remain."

Being questioned about the reasons behind the US attack on PMU, he reiterated, "The US is waging forever regional wars, inventing pretexts to keep waging them."

Touching upon the illegitimacy of the US attack on a sovereign country, he added, " I'm sure they'll be more incidents like Sunday's. They're aggression against sovereign Iraq and Syria, and of course, US proxy war on Iran goes on by incidents like days of riots, violence, vandalism, and chaos last month."

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