'Iran may become capable of exporting 40mn liters of gasoline p/d'

TEHRAN, Dec. 09 (MNA) – Head of energy commission of Tehran Chamber of Commerce predicted on Monday that, in case the government provides 65 trillion rials (about $500 million) of grants for converting cars into bi-fuel ones - running on both gasoline and CNG - Iran would be able to save 40 million liters of gasoline for exports per day.

According to Reza Padidar, “Converting vehicles into bi-fuel ones and replacing gasoline with CNG, using the granted financial resources by the government, will improve environmental issues and also decrease gasoline consumption for about 20 million liters daily."

“As of implementation of gasoline rationing scheme, gasoline consumption has decreased for 20 million liters p/d and having another 20 million liters saved via upgrading cars into bi-fuel ones can give Iran the opportunity to export 40 million liters of gasoline p/d,” Padidar told Mehr new agency.

On December 7, the Spokesperson of the Iranian Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Products Exporters' Union announced that the country has the possibility to export 25 million to 30 million liters of gasoline per day following the implementation of gasoline rationing scheme.

According to Hamid Hosseini, having the said amount of gasoline exported daily, Iran can earn three billion to four billion dollars.

“Presently, Iran produces 115 million liters of gasoline and as predicted, by implementing the rationing scheme, the country will have an excess of 30 million liters of gasoline per day, which can be exported,” Hosseini added.

On November 13, the Iranian government started rationing of subsidized gasoline and increased fuel prices as it plans to use the revenue for supporting underprivileged families.

According to a statement published by National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company, the price for a liter of regular gasoline was increased to 15,000 rials (nearly 35 cents at the official rate of 42,000 rials per dollar) from 10,000 rials and the monthly ration for each passenger car was set at 60 liters. Additional purchases would cost 30,000 rials per liter.

On November 26, Oil Ministry announced that after the implementation of gasoline rationing scheme, consumption has decreased by 19 million liters per day in Iran.

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