Reactions to Bolton’s ousting in US

TEHRAN, Sep. 11 (MNA) – US President Donald Trump abruptly fired his national security adviser John Bolton on Tuesday and this led to many reactions inside the US.

Eventually, as predicted by the Mehr News Agency on September 2, US President Donald Trump fired John Bolton, whom some in Washington called Secretary of War. His action of Bolton’s ouster led to widespread reactions of official and media in the US as follow:

Elizabeth Warren, a candidate in the 2020 election for the President of the United States of America wrote in her Twitter on Tuesday, “the American people are better off with John Bolton out of the White House and the world will be better off when the man who hired him in the first place is out too.”

Almost all media close to the Democrats speculate that serious disagreement between Trump and Bolton was over a secret meeting between the US president and the Taliban leaders at Camp David which was scheduled to be held on Sunday.

In a report in New York Times, Peter Baker believes that John Bolton’s dismissal by US President Trump on Tuesday happened because of amid fundamental disputes over how to handle major foreign policy challenges like Iran, North Korea and most recently Afghanistan.

Bolton spent much of his tenure trying to restrain the president from making what he considered unwise agreements with America’s enemies, Baker added.

According to US media, John Bolton has strongly complained about the idea of ​​bringing Taliban leaders to Camp David just days before the September 11 attacks. Their differences came to a climax in recent days as Mr. Bolton waged a last-minute campaign to stop the president from signing a peace agreement at Camp David with leaders of the radical Taliban group.

Sen. Rand Paul cheered President Donald Trump's firing of his national security adviser, John Bolton, in a tweet Tuesday afternoon.

“I think the threat of war around the world is greatly diminished with Bolton out of the White House. I think he had a naive point of view for the world that we should topple regimes everywhere and institute democratic governments and we would make the world perfect or remake the world in our image and frankly, it just doesn’t work that way,” Paul said in his interview with Fox News on Tuesday afternoon.

Paul had previously told the US media, “If Trump indeed picks Bolton for the deputy position, “I'm an automatic no,” added,  "He should get nowhere close to the State Department, if anybody with a sane worldview is in charge.”

According to BBC, “US President fired his hardline national security adviser, John Bolton, saying he disagreed "strongly" with him.”

“Bolton, a leading foreign policy hawk, was the chief architect of Trump's hardline stance on Iran. He had reportedly opposed the president's recent suggestion that he was willing to talk to Tehran's leaders,” BBC reported, adding, “He had disagreed with the president on a number of foreign policy challenges, from Afghanistan to Iran.”

“Worsening relations between the United States and Iran also created tensions between Trump and Bolton. In June, after Trump decided against ordering a military attack on Iran after it downed an unmanned US drone, Bolton was devastated, said one US official familiar with the matter to Washington Post,” adding that Bolton disagreed to US President’s willingness to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Nilo Tabrizy, a reporter of New York Times who published last year a report titled “M.E.K.: The Group John Bolton Wants to Rule Iran”, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday, “John Bolton is out, just days before the UN General Assembly. Rumors are swirling that clearing Bolton out is a precondition for Trump-Rouhani talks.”

Shortly after US President Donald Trump tweeted that he had fired his national security adviser John Bolton over very strong policy disagreements, Trump’s top diplomat and treasury chief reiterated that Trump has no preconditions to meet with Iran.

“The president has made very clear he is prepared to meet with no preconditions,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at a joint press briefing with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin at the White House on Tuesday.

US media on Tuesday declared a sharp dispute between Mike Pompeo and John Bolton as another reason for Trump's decision to fire the National Security Adviser, saying Bolton and Pompeo rarely speak outside of formal meetings, including a recent stretch of going weeks without speaking to one another.

In a report published in VOX, Alex Ward said, “Bolton has always told the media that he is the national security adviser, not the national security decision maker, but in giving that advice, he has consistently tried to push Trump out of his comfort zone and into pursuing more bellicose foreign policies.”

“Bolton tried to change Trump’s mind on war. He failed — and got fired for it,” Ward mentioned, adding, “Trump’s move shows the president is firmly in control of his foreign policy.”

Incongruity produced friction between the two men numerous times on major foreign policy issues including North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela, Ward added.

Bolton’s departure from the administration is just further confirmation that although the president is willing to take advice from those around him, in the end US foreign policy will be whatever Trump himself wants it to be.


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