Enemies seek to alter Iranian society’s revolutionary approach

TEHRAN, Jan. 20 (MNA) – The Major General Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of General Staff of Iranian Armed Forces says that the enemies are trying to change revolutionary approach of Iranian society, adding that they are trying to make the Iranians disappointed in the Islamic Establishment through pshychological warfare.

Chief of General Staff of Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, made the remarks in a meeting with the Cultural officials of the armed forces on Sunday, according the official website of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) ‘sepahnews’ website.

Bagheri said the global arrogance system has been trying to control the world using a variety of toos in line with their illegal goals.

He added that while the West and East blocs pretended to be following different paths, they both sought to exploit other countries’ resources. He added when the Islamic Revolution in Iran occurred, the global arrogance was scared for their domination, so they provoked Iraq against Iran.

Despite huge attempts by the enemies of the revolution, chief of general staff of Iranian armed forces said, it was the Iranian nation that came out victorious and continued their dignified life after 8-year Iraqi imposed war on the country.

The senior commander said that today the armed forces are prepared more than ever to repel the threats using past experiences.

He later pointed to the media warfare against the country, saying that the enemies are seeking to make people feel disappointed in the Islamic establishment using new tools including psychological warfare" and "Development of Psychological Operations."

Bagheri further added that while the US forces swiftly occupied Iraq in few days back in 2003, they finally had to leave the country.

He went on to note that today “the Americans have plots against our country, and they mainly target the cultural and social sectors,” adding “although in some non-cultural areas they are trying to undermine our Islamic Establishment as well.”

The chief of general staff of Iranian armed forces added that enemies are targeting the people’s trust in the Establishment by focusing on the existing economic hardships in the country, and increasing the gap between the rich and poor, while urging the people to push for reaching a compromise with the Global Arrogance.

He, furthermore, called on the Iranian media to feel the responsibility to defend the country against the psychological warfare and neutralize the enemies’ scenarios.


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