US blind sanctions targeting Iranian nation

TEHRAN, Jul. 14 (MNA) – Speaking after the meeting of the heads of the three branches on Saturday, President Hassan Rouhani said "the current policy of the United States in imposing sanctions on Iran, is of blind nature, targeting Iranian nation."

Stating that the path of resistance, steadfastness, planning and coordination with people and interaction with allies will thwart conspiracies of the enemies, Rouhani described US sanctions blind, targeting the people of Iran.

He added "regarding energy, transportation, basic commodities and production, our country will face no problems and we have always been victorious when the government and the people have stood together."

"Fortunately, regarding the unlawful actions of the United States, the honorable authorities and the government have had good contacts with different European countries, China, Russia and neighboring and important countries in Asia and the majority of them to whom protecting their independence and sovereignty is important have a positive answer, saying that they will not abide by US' internal laws."

He also said "we are very hopeful that the current trend of economic cooperation of Iran with the world continue like the past, and of course we have planned for areas that we might face problems."

President then addressed the Iranian nation, saying "the government has considered providing the foreign currency required for people's basic needs and is paying this amount of foreign currency to the Central Bank."

"The government promises people that in the field of energy, transportation, basic commodities and production, our country will face no problems," added president.

Rouhani also went on to say "with the current state in which importing some unnecessary commodities is banned, there is a very good opportunity for domestic producers and exporters."

Of course, some people are circumventing the law, he said, adding "the overwhelming majority of our traders and producers are working within the framework of the rule of law and understand the current state of the country, but there are people who do not pay attention to laws."

He also said that in this field, the government and the judiciary have decided to cooperate and help each other "to fight such violations of the law."

"Today, the US is isolated more than any other country on sanctions. The current authorities of the US are acting adventurously and illegally towards not only the Iranian people, but also other nations and even their own allies and you saw how the people of the United States' closest European ally respond to his latest visit to the UK," added Rouhani.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said "therefore, today the US is isolated in the public opinions of the world and among the people of Iran, because their sanctions are against the people of Iran."

"If these sanctions targeted a certain sector and industry, they could use pretexts and justify it, but when they are generalised and blind, it is the people of Iran who are under pressure, and therefore, they are aiming at putting pressure on the people of Iran, as they pressurise other peoples," added Rouhani.

He also added: "Washington's current government is hated among Muslims and developing countries more than ever and even in the inside, they are facing problems."

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said "we have no doubt that the US cannot continue its current path and policy towards Iran, region, the World of Islam, major world powers and even its allies."

"The path of resistance, steadfastness and planning and coordination with people and interaction with allies will thwart conspiracies of the enemies," he continued.

"40 years ago on a day like this we saw the great conspiracy of the US against the Iranian nation to sabotage people's attempts for their revolution. They sent their military advisers for a coup against the people of Iran and the revolutionaries but they were unsuccessful," said the president.

He added "today like the past, people will resist and the US will be unsuccessful in this conspiracy as well, because their logic is illegal, against international rules and regulations and no international organisation ill support that."

"The United Nations, International Atomic Energy Agency and all countries around the world, except for a few countries, are against US actions and words," added the President.

"Today, we can confront the plots of our enemies and continue our path more powerful than yesterday, and I assure people that despite some pressures, we can manage the lives of people in the country with the support of the people and get through the problems well."


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