Proposed JCPOA package should be agreed upon by all 5 signatories

TEHRAN, Jun. 25 (MNA) – The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said Mon. that JCPOA package to be proposed to Iran by Europe should be agreed upon by all 5 signatories of the nuclear deal.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said in his weekly press conference that Iran is seriously pursuing the case against the US ruling on $2 billion worth of Iran’s properties and will not give up until it reaches its rights, adding "the International Court of Justice (ICJ) will hold a hearing session on October 8 or 12."

Ghasemi said that the ICJ session would be only about seizure of Iran’s properties and would have nothing to do with the US unlawful exit from Iran unclear deal.

With regard to the trade war between Europe and the US and its possible impact on economic relations with Iran, he said “we have to wait and see what the consequences would be.”

Elsewhere, Ghasemi condemned the Saudi and UAE-led coalition’s aggression of Yemeni Hudaida port city, calling on the international organizations to intervene to stop the crisis.

In response to a question about ongoing talks between the three European countries and Iran to save the JCPOA, the spokesman said that Iran has not entered negotiations with only the E3 but it has been negotiating with Russia and China in the meantime and those two countries' role should not be neglected.

On the package that the E3 and the remaining signatories of the nuclear deal have promised to offer to fulfill Iran’s demands he said that the package should be agreed on by the all the 5 countries as they all are still committed to the deal.

He added that the United States is doing all it can to put pressures on Iran and now is waging a psychological warfare against the country, adding that the US hostile approach will yield no results as the Iranians as always disappoint it.

In response to a question about the reports on expelling two Iranian diplomats by the Dutch government, Ghasemi said that he could not confirm or reject the news, adding that he will give more details on that later. 

He added in case that something serious has happened, it does not mean it can affect Iran-Europe foreign relations and talks.

Later, he congratulated Turkish president on his re-election, saying that Iran welcomes stability and security in neighboring Turkey and calls for more bilateral cooperation in all fields, including the fight against terrorism and the situation in Syria. 

"We are still in touch with our European counterparts, and recently we were negotiating with the European parties at the Tehran meeting, and we hope that the European side will be able to go ahead with their plans and fulfil Iran’s rightful demands as soon as possible…," he said about the meetings between Iran and Europe in the aftermath of the US withdrawal from the JCPOA. 

In order to provide Iran with proposals to meet the demands of the Islamic Republic of Iran in accordance with the interests of the country during the withdrawal period. 

He added “hopefully, after receiving the promised package from the remaining parties [in the JCPOA], the Islamic Republic of Iran will be able to adopt its policies in accordance with it based on the interests of the people and the country.”

Elsewhere in response to a question about Iran’s relations with the Afghanistan’s Taliban, Ghasemi said that Iran has contacts with different groups in Afghanistan given the long-standing problems and long shared borders between the two countries. 

Ghasemi touched upon some comments by the Zionist regime on Iran's presence in Syria, saying "the Zionist officials’ statements on various issues are part of the same psychological warfare that I mentioned above…[these comments] are aimed at severing Iran’s relations with countries, especially the countries of the region. We continue to cooperate with Russia on the Syrian issue, and in the coming weeks, we will have a new round of the Astana talks between the three guarantor countries.”

Later he went on to talk about fabricated reports by world media on companies leaving Iran under the threats of US sanctions, saying “as the Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif correctly said yesterday, some of those media claim that many companies have left Iran, but after we looked in to the issue we found out that some of the companies listed in their news reports were not operating in Iran.”

With regard to Iranian media reports on the visit by the Japanese prime minister to Iran, Ghasemi said that no official Japanese sources has said anything on the matter, adding there will be some exchange of visits by two countries’ delegations.

The Iranian foreign minister concluded his press conference by casting doubts on the possibility of any talks between Iran and the United States, saying “given different situation and the lack of US loyalty to international rules, it seems impossible to negotiate with it.”



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