Iran prepared for new US scenarios

TEHRAN, Jan. 08 (MNA) – Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Seyed Abbas Araghchi said that the US may withdraw from JCPOA and stressed that Iran is prepared for all the probable scenarios.

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Seyed Abbas Araghchi attended the session on Security Arrangements in West Asia in the Second Tehran Security Conference where he asserted that the problems of West Asia are complicated ones, saying “JCPOA is a successful experience in this regard, since it is the only peaceful solution to the crisis. The most important lesson learned from JCPOA is that we can still invest hope in negotiations.”

“Issues such as fighting terrorism and ISIL cannot be resolved through negotiations,” he added.

Araghchi said “unfortunately, the US is after making JCPOA end in failure. The policy the US president has adopted with respect to JCPOA will render it null and void.”

Iran’s deputy foreign minister said that it has been more than a year since the US president set out to break JCPOA through constantly violating it and added “in the upcoming days, when the deadline for the approval of JCPOA by the US arrives, which can end in US withdrawing from JCPOA.”

“The international community must be prepared for the withdrawal of the US from JCPOA. The Islamic Republic of Iran is prepared for every probable scenario,” he added.

“The US withdrawing from JCPOA and violating it will inflict the greatest harm on the international community and the region,” he asserted.

Iran’s deputy foreign minister pointed to the remarks made by Jack Straw with respect to the necessity of maintaining the security of diplomats and diplomatic centers and said “Iran’s embassy in London was the first embassy that was attacked which led to the murder of an Iranian diplomat. Various demonstrations were held before Iran’s embassy. At present, our embassies in various European countries are being attacked, our flag is desecrated and our diplomats are threatened.”

“We witness that the terrorist groups that committed crimes in Iran have today found refuge in European countries. Therefore, we too welcome the maintaining of security for diplomatic centers,” he said.

Araghchi asserted that Iran welcomes a comprehensive political solution to the Syrian crisis and said “European countries can support democracy in West Asia only on condition that they revise their policies toward their regional allies some of whom are authoritarian regimes.”

“Today, in Yemen widespread disasters and crimes are committed by the Saudi Arabia. While they claimed that they would destroy Houthi headquarters in two months, two years have passed and now Houthi fighters are firing missiles at Saudi Arabia,” he added.

Iran’s deputy foreign minister stressed the fact that military action cannot solve the problem of Yemen and non-military solutions must be sought instead.

Araghchi asserted that Iran has always been prepared to negotiate with Saudi Arabia and added “our demands have been denied by the Saudi Arabia. This is because Saudi Arabia seeks its own benefits from adding fuel to the fires of regional conflicts.”


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