26 September 2005 - 23:22

Stevedoring capacity of Iranian ports to total 6.3m TEUs by 2010


TEHRAN – The director of the Ports and Shipping Organization (PSO) of Iran said Monday that the total stevedoring capacity at the Iranian ports will increase from 1.7 million TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit) to 6.3 million TEUs by the end of the 4th Development Plan (2005-10).


Pointing to the recent investments in the ports and shipping sector, Ahmad Donyamali added that the private sector has invested some 200 million dollars in the domestic industry in the past two years. “In the same period, some Rls.4,600b was spent on the implementation of infrastructural development plans and equipping the ports,” he uttered.


Iran’s watchmaking industry in the doldrums


TEHRAN – Currently, no types of watch are being made in Iran. There are only two companies that order their watches to be imported from China and Dubai.


“Making watches is not an economical industry here,” says an Iranian importer. “You can buy a 3-dollar watch from China, but if you want to make the same watch in Iran, it will cost too much,” he implied. Most of the imported watches come from China, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. “These quality watches are mostly produced under the license of famous Swiss companies like Rado,” the Iranian importer stated, noting that computer watches are imported from Malaysia and Singapore.


Over $1m of goods exported to Iraq via Shalamcheh, Piranshahr


HOVEYZEH, Khuzestan – In the first half of the current Iranian year (started March 21, 2005), some $1.1 million dollars of goods were exported to Iraq via Shalamcheh and Piranshahr Customs offices.


The volume was consisted of ornamental flowers, chocolates and biscuits, lamps and shampoos.


Sugar cane technologists association to be established


TEHRAN – A sugar can farming industry official said on Monday that an association of sugar cane technologists will soon be set up in the country in order to facilitate the process of technical data collection for developing the industry.


“The first step towards self-sufficiency in this strategic crop is to harmonize all activities in the field,” added Majid Parsaii. The association will focused on R&D projects, he noted, stating that it would soon become the main reference point for sugar cane farming industry in Iran.









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