Muslim world not to tolerate another Balfour

TEHRAN, Dec. 21 (MNA) – Ali Akbar Velayati called the US president’s move in recognizing Jerusalem Al-Quds as Zionist Israel’s capital ‘Balfour 2,’ saying Iran has not given any missiles to Yemen.

Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior Adviser to Iran’s Leader in International Affairs and a member of the Expediency Council, told Iran’s Arabic News Channel Al-Alam that US President Donald Trump's action in announcing Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist regime is a big evil step that the US president has taken and the Zionist regime has interpreted it as ‘Balfour 2.’

He noted “even some Arab treacherous governments, who always rely on Zionist and American support, had to condemn Trump’s action,” adding “Iran supports the new Palestinian Intifada against Trump’s decision.”

“This (new Intifada and unity in Muslim world) will be a huge blow to the Zionist regime,” he pointed out. 

The leader’s advisor further explained “the Islamic world is now in a better position than any other time in the past in encountering the expansionism of Zionist regime and Americans, and we hope that Trump’s move will intensify the struggle against the Zionists.”

With regard to the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nicki Haley’s move accusing Iran of equipping Yemen with missile weapons, Mr. Velayati said “Iran has not given any missiles to Yemen and that country does not need any weapons.”

In response to the question how long Iran's military advisers will continue their presence in Iraq and Syria, Mr. Velayati said “as long as the Syrian government and its people need our help,” explaining “Syria is still under threat from various sides, and right now the US is convening the former ISIL members into something entitled Free Syrian Army.”


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