'Iranians' vigilant presence in elections guaranteed country’s natl. security'

TEHRAN, Aug. 15 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani appreciated the trust put in him by the Iranian nation saying the wakeful Iranian nation, with their vigilant presence in the elections, guaranteed the country’s national security and gave weight to credibility of ballot boxes.

Speaking at the Parliament’s confidence vote session for nominated ministers of his second-term cabinet, Rouhani appreciated the trust put in him by the Iranian nation saying “the wakeful Iranian nation, with their vigilant presence in the elections, guaranteed the country’s national security and gave weight to credibility of ballot boxes.”

He also expressed gratitude to Iran’s Leader for his prudent guidelines in line with serving the nation as well as the MPs for holding an elegant inauguration ceremony; “I feel committed to fulfill all promises I made to the nation during the presidential campaigns.”

He recalled that several challenges had been tackled in the first-term asserting “Iran is no longer an isolated country which suffers from inflation and economic turbulence though a long way still exists before ideal conditions are reached.”

Later, Hassan Rouhani enumerated the principal objectives to be pursued by the new government including decision making on the basis of collective wisdom and engagement of people, reducing shortcomings in a rational way, emphasizing on precise implementation of citizen right charter, increasing transparency as a rightful demand of the nation, wise tackling problems through economic reforms.

“In the previous term, we sought to obtain economic stability and expand economo-political relations with the world paving the path for dealing with principal issues like reforming the country’s economic structure,” maintained the official.

He further highlighted that the new cabinet would spare no effort in implementing Resistance Economy policies by creating balance in the country’s budget and reducing reliance on oil revenues.

Rouhani said reforms were being made in Iran’s tax system in a bid to reach a comprehensive model through which the government’s costs are reduced and revenues are devoted to treatment, education and health sectors.

He called for support of Parliament members for presence of the private sector in public investment projects as envisaged in the Sixth National Development Plan. “The banking system is also faced with several obstacles which need to be tackled with.”

Other plans on agenda of Rouhani’s government include obtaining sustainable development, tackling poverty, reaching social justice, reducing unemployment by cutting down education costs.

Iran’s President further elaborated on his government’s domestic policies which revolve around respect for various ethnic groups and promotion of gender equality by valuing women.

He later touched upon his plans for the country’s foreign diplomacy explaining “we are after extensive collaborations with the world while at the same time preserving dignity of the Iranian nation.”

He recalled the Iran’s nuclear deal with the 5+1 group of countries, which was realized through fruitful guidelines of the Leader, had opened a new window to the country’s cooperation with the world as evidenced by lifting of sanctions and cancellation of anti-Iran UNSC resolutions not to mention the steps taken in energy, technology and trade ties with other countries.”

He described the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as a win-win agreement which paved the path for reinvigoration of Iran’s relations with the world.

“Iran has remained and will remain committed to the deal though any breach of promise by other parties will receive appropriate responses,” he continued.

Recent actions by the US in violating several international deals, including Paris and Cuba ones, have revealed the fact that the US is neither a good partner neither a reliable negotiator.

Hassan Rouhani later touched upon the tensions underway in Asia adding “the region is faced with troubled conditions as a result of the rise in extremism while Iran is after a safe and forward-moving region through regional cooperation in political, economic, cultural and security arenas as the only means of obtaining shared objectives and confronting imposed crises.”

At the end of his remarks, the Iranian president recounted on his government’s plans in areas of culture, environment as well as health stressing that constructive measures will made to improve welfare of the Iranian nation.


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