Kurds to suffer most from referendum

TEHRAN, Aug. 02 (MNA) – Iraqi Vice President Nouri al-Maliki, while noting that Iran shared and Shia Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) shared Iraq’s victory, said referendum in Kurdistan Region will mainly damage Kurds.

A media delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, headed by the Secretary for Supreme Council for Information of the Government Ali Moezi, met with Iraqi Vice President Nouri al-Maliki on Tuesday afternoon.

Early into the session, Al-Maliki extended congratulations on victories of Resistance Front to the Iranian nation and government stressing that the achievements were outcomes of unity between Iran and Iraq.

He recalled limitations faced by media during reign of Saddam explaining that “the media can now freely share their voices on all issues within different frameworks like news agencies, TV and newspapers among the others.

Takfiri terrorism was formed in Mosul with support of the West, US in particular, and certain domestic agents with the aim of splitting Iraq though the plot was never realized. Although the crisis in still persisting, Iraq has so far maintained the upper hand thanks to the unity among the Armed Forces, Shiite Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF, or Hashd Shaabi) as well as the people, the official underscored.

He emphasized the significant role played by PMF who spared no effort in defending Baghdad, Iraqi government as well as existence and dignity of people of Iraq in both Shia and Sunni regions.

The senior Iraqi official warned against the plot hatched by internal and external leaders of sedition aimed at causing tribal and religious division in the country. Al-Maliki stressed that Iran and Iraq were bound to be united in order to overcome Takfiri terrorism in Yemen and Syria especially given that some regional countries, on behalf of Western powers, are seeking to cause disaccord in Iraq.

He went on to compare his country’s agreements with Iran and the US noting that, while deals with Americans for purchasing weapons prove extremely complicated, Iran has always acted like a friend and brother in line with resolving issues faced by Iraq.

Referring to Iran’s geographic position in the region, Iraqi vice president said Iran enjoys a unique geopolitical status inside the region to the extent that tough times would have appeared had it not been for preservation of Bashar Assad in Syria.

On presence of American forces in Iraqi territories, Al-Maliki said Iraq was opposed to US forces who sought to create permanent bases in the country.

He went on to underline that upcoming elections in Iraq will be complex for presence of numerous parties and its high sensitivity given that the results will be affect future of Iraq.

In response to a question on Barzani’s referendum plan in Iraqi Kurdistan, the official said the initiative is illegal and goes against the Iraqi constitution.

“The autonomous region is looking for advantages unaware of the fact that Kurds will suffer the most from the referendum which will only compound existing difficulties,” he continued.

He said, although regional conditions are now in favor of local nations, ending ingoing crises still proves difficult since enemies are after splits and disaccords.

Nouri al-Maliki however noted that regional supporters of terrorism have also got involved with internal disagreements as evidenced by the dispute between Qatar and Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The vice president of Iraq later refuted receiving of a letter form Ayatollah Sistani saying that he has always appreciated the role played by senior Shia clerics in Iraq.

In response to a question on America’s military presence in Iran, the official said they might be able to make counselor presence in Iraq and not a permanent military one since Iraqi people are basically against the issue and they fundamentally cannot trust the US.

The vice president of Iraq said “Takfiri supporters initially thought that terrorism would only be against al-Maliki and his government, but, as Bashar al-Assad did, I warned them that the wave of terrorism would eventually go back to them.”

“Presently, in Europe and all Western governments have now come to help government in the fight against ISIL, albeit not for affection of the Iraqi people and government, but for fear of their own lives and,” highlighted the Iraq’s al-Maliki expressing hope that the crises and terrorism in Syria will also come to an end.


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