Venezuela Calls for Broad National Discussion

CARACAS, May 10 (MNA) – The call for a National Constituent Assembly seeks to open a discussion that breaks polarization, political conflict, while hosting a broad exchange to overcome the antagonisms prevailing in our society", said Elias Jaua in a press conference.

Jaua chairs the Presidential Commission for the Constituent Assembly with the firm goal of reaching a basis for political, social and mutual understanding of the ethnic social diversity.

Jaua said that this is the spirit that encourages President Nicolas Maduro, given the absurd refusal of the Venezuelan opposition or the leadership of the organization that gathers main Venezuelan opposition parties Mesa de la Unidad Democratica (MUD), to hold talks with the Government and follow the guidelines agreed in November.

The opposition did not comply with the steps agreed, the first of which was to take three fraudulently elected parliamentarians from the Amazon out of the Assembly, which would have allowed them to legislate, control and discuss any issue.

Jaua said that the opposition used all its power in the National Assembly to overthrow the Venezuelan President.

He said that they are not empowered by the Constitution to do so, "in Venezuela in no case the National Assembly can overthrow the President of the Republic, except following a ruling issued by Supreme Court of Justice", he said.

Jaua, also Minister of Education, said that the opposition in the country always had in their hands the key elements of the agreement, which they refused to meet and their response to the Government's efforts to normalize the situation and to resume the political talks in December was again a "violent and terrorist ambush".

He said that, regardless of the MUD's stance refusing to participate, the government has already seen how the polarization started to break, "we have held meetings with 17 parties with which we had never done it before", he said.

Jaua said that if the opposition says that Chavismo is no longer a majority in the country "then it would have the opportunity to win us in all sectors".


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