Social prosperity subject to ‘environmental health’

TEHRAN, Mar. 05 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani has urged every individual to protect and expand green areas inside the country as healthy environment will guarantee happiness and vitality of the nation.

In time with ‘National Arbor Day’ on March 05, Iran’s President planted a sapling in Sa'dabad Palace and said it was essential that people made a stronger participation as regards tree planting and development of green spaces.

The official however warned that attention to growing trees should never be limited to the one-day national occasion rather the ‘National Arbor Day’ is a reminder that we need to rethink how we look after the environment, forests and natural spaces.

Rouhani underlined that trees were both a sign of God as well as indications of human actions; “today, the environment, rather than being a marginal issue, has turned into a top priority as social health and security are subject to environmental health.”

He called for ease of pressure against water, soil and air resources by exploiting new technologies, correct management and higher efficiency.

When asked to recount on relevant measures taken by his government as regards environmental considerations, President Rouhani said the incumbent government had paid due attention to the issue since it tool office.

The Iranian President went on to enumerate key steps taken in recent year including formation of the Supreme Council of Environment Rehabilitation and regular holding of its meetings as well as legal requirement for environmental consideration in all large national projects.

“Other measures include tougher restrictions on using underground waters as well as efforts to restore wetlands, marshes and lakes,” he continued.

Rouhani maintained that his government attached great significance to environmental issues as it believes that sustainable development was subject to environmental protection which will in turn bring about social health and happiness.

Iran’s President went on to touch upon the great emphasis laid on environmental health both by Islam as well as the Iranian Leader who have issued General Policies of Environmental Protection.

He further urged NGOs to spare no effort in protecting the natural world by reviewing their responsibilities towards the Mother Nature especially in the wake of the new Iranian calendar year.

Hassan Rouhani also called on athletes, artists, professors, authors and virtual world activists to pay due attention to the ecosystem by encouraging the nation to protect the earth.

The official deemed recent week dust storms and air pollution in southwestern cities like Ahwaz as reminders that we should never evade our responsibilities towards our surroundings; “the correct path towards a healthy biosphere will be hopefully taken with cooperation and collaboration between the government and nation.”


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