London unqualified to interfere in others’ affairs: Ghasemi

TEHRAN, Dec. 08 (MNA) – Bahram Ghasemi, the Spokesman of Iran’s Foreign Ministry responded to the remarks of British PM, Theresa May, made on Wednesday in Bahrain.

“Those states whose irresponsible intervention in other countries have spread insecurity, war, violence, and terrorism are not in a position to accuse other states of interfering in the regional issues,” said Bahram Ghasemi, the Spokesperson of Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday after British Prime Minister, Theresa May told the meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council in Bahrain that the UK is vigilant about the threat posed by Iran to the region.  

Speaking on Wednesday, May reassured the Arab kings, “we must also work together to push back against Iran’s aggressive regional actions, whether in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Syria or in the Gulf itself.”

Ghasemi said that the UK has resorted to divisive policies on its way to return to the region and the Islamic Republic of Iran finds these kinds of policies ‘futile and unconstructive’.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran finds the root of some of these remarks in the developments in UK’s ties with the EU which has created some problems, shortcomings, and complexities in the interests and international status of Britain,” affirmed the Iranian diplomat, “these have pushed the prime minister of this country to sweeten her tongue for a number of the heads of the GCC’s member states and let out some unfit and improper words against the government and the nation of Iran.”    

The Iranian diplomat evaluated that May’s purpose behind the remarks were to broker new lucrative arms deals between the UK and some of the Arab states of the southern coast of the Persian Gulf which would eventually end up in deteriorating the crises created out of their war crimes against the ‘oppressed people of Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, Iraq, and other Islamic countries’.   


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