FM spokesman describes Jubeir’s claims ridiculous

TEHRAN, Sep. 08 (MNA) – The Spokesperson of Iran’s Foreign Ministry described Saudi FM’s anti-Iran claims ridiculous and a Saudi trick to evade the responsibility for support of Wahhabi terrorists.

“The recent remarks made by Saudi FM are untrue, dishonest, and in the same way of unilateral repetitive chattering of the foreign minister of a regime which has been for a long time disturbing peace, security and daily-life of the undefended people of Yemen in a cruel, destructive and sinister war imposed on shelter-less and innocent Yemenis,” reiterated the Spokesperson of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bahram Ghassemi, after Saudi FM’s claims to justify war on Yemen, “they are directly pounding Yemenis with missiles and bombarding airplanes, and at the same time accusing the others to interfere in the domestic affairs of the neighbors.”

Saudi FM Adel al-Jubeir claimed on Wednesday that UK must continue selling arms to KSA because anti-west terror acts are plotted in Yemen. He made the remark after reports of human rights groups which proved British-made munitions were responsible for the rising civilian death toll in Yemen’s brutal civil war.

The UK parliamentary committee on arms export controls is working on a cross-party coalition of MPs to demand the British government to end arms sales to Riyadh.  

The former British PM, David Cameron, had already warned in January that the British-made weapons are being used to bomb hospitals, schools, markets and other civilian targets in Yemen. Cameron made the remark after a United Nations report said the Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen had involved “widespread and systematic” targeting of civilians “in violation of international humanitarian law”.

Iran’s Ghassemi described al-Jubeir’s clamis ridiculous as ‘the heads of the most terrorist groups like Taliban, Al-Qaeda, the ISIL and other anti-human terrorists are either Saudi citizens or under the influence of extremist ideology of Wahhabism propagandized by Saudis; a truth which is gradually becoming clear for the world and all the alert consciences across the globe.’  

“The today’s disturbances, and all the tyrannies and brutalities against innocent Muslims of the region are resulted from foreign interferences and negligent insistence of supporters and believers of extremist ideas on moving forward policies which only complicate the equations and increase tensions and instabilities,” reiterated the Iranian diplomat.  

Ghassemi underlined that ‘war on Yemen, Mina tragedy, and support for worldly-known terrorists in Iraq, Syria, and other areas of the world, are blemishes on the documents of those wrong-doers whose egocentrism and negligence of the realities have pushed them to projection, deceit, and unilateralism.’

Ghaseemi’s comments came after Jubeir’s words to persuade British MPs to abort the plan to prevent the UK government from selling more arms to the KSA.

“Saudi Arabia is fighting a legitimate war,” Jubeir claimed. “We did not start this: the Iranian-backed Houthis started this. We have a situation where many of the claims being made about civilian casualties are not accurate. Whenever there are claims of inaccurate bombing we investigate them and take action where necessary. But many of the schools and hospitals that have been hit were no longer being used as schools and hospitals but as military centres by the Houthis.”

“Yemen is a country that has been hijacked by the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels who are trying to overthrow the legitimate government,” claimed the Saudi FM Jubeir.

“Iran is isolated in the Arab world,” he said. “The Islamic world is saying to Iran, ‘enough is enough’.

“The Iranians are trying to politicize the Hajj and the Islamic world is rejecting their claims,” said Jubeir in response to Iran’s insistence on prosecution of the responsible for the loss of around 5000 pilgrims in Saudi Arabia in September 2015.


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