Iran seeks vigorous defense rather than invasion

TEHRAN, Jun. 29 (MNA) – Iran’s President Rouhani said Iran would not interfere with affairs of other countries as it would not allow others to do the same.

Speaking at Iftar banquet among top-ranked officials and commanders of Iran’s Armed Forces, Hassan Rouahni pointed to the government’s full support of strengthening armed forces saying “you have always stood against enemies preserving complete readiness.”

Rouhani appreciated the physical and spiritual preparedness of the country’s armed forces asserting “despite complete readiness for strong defense, Iran has never sought to trespass other countries’ rights.”

“The aim of defending territorial integrity and the people’s honor has created a great spiritual motivation in the Iranian Armed Forces,” he continued.

Pointing to the popularity of military forces among the nation, Rouhani noted “Iranian people are aware that the current safety and security has been brought by the perseverance and preparedness of Armed Forces.”

He further emphasized that Iran looks forward to preserving regional security and honoring regional nations' demands; “Iran fights against groups who are after insecurity and it would never seek to interfere in other countries’ affairs as regional people should be allowed to decide upon their future.”

“Regional countries’ securities are interrelated which puts us in the position of responsibility to aid other nations,” stressed the official adding “the Islamic Republic of Iran wants friendly relations with all neighbors and avoids tensions with them.”

Rouhani went on to underline that “Islamic Republic supports the security of the region by confronting groups who are after terror and insecurity.”

The Iranian president referred to high honors to warriors during the Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense in particular; “Armed Forces have always showcased the authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the world.”

“Iran had difficult days after the Imposed War which could mark a threat to regional and district boundaries,” reiterated Rouhani maintaining “however, the authority of the armed forces and their preparations saved the country from insecurities.”

President Rouhani urged Armed Forces to have a strong stand against the enemy by maintaining their readiness in all circumstances since a combination of resistance and authority will lead to victory.


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