Powers ‘paying only lip service’ to JCPOA commitments

TEHRAN, May 28 (MNA) – Secretary of Expediency Council has criticized the US and EU for their inaction in bringing concrete changes to JCPOA commitments especially in easing trade restrictions.

Mohsen Rezaei responded to questions briefly after Saturday meeting of the Council where he called on the government to wage more serious efforts to bring the US to the right path where it would remain committed to its obligations under JCPOA; “the government, I believe, has necessary means and leverage to force the Powers in this regard; it should set for example deadlines when if Powers fail to realize their obligations, the government would add to its number of centrifuges,” he provided an example of these measures. “I believe to behave like a lad in the face of a lone wolf would not yield anything special and they would go on their path as they wish.”

“Mr. Obama is in final months of his term as president and this time is propitious for leveraging more ground for national interest, just our neighbors Turkey and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East are exactly doing. In such a condition, remaining a good guy would not be a necessary act of politeness,” he told reporters.

On the fact that JCPOA would prove to be a means to ward off military invasion, Rezaei said that JCPOA should be quite distinguished from post-JCPOA conditions; “the west has only paid lip service to its commitments to evade pressures by the Islamic Republic of Iran; the recent quadrilateral meeting (John Kerry with his French, British, and German counterparts) to ensure economic firms of security of doing trade with Iran would provide nothing concrete for Iran; the meeting recommendations that all companies are safe to do business with Iran, however important, would not solve any problem viewed by Iranians,” he emphasized.

“If we are to believe that these measures will bring betterment of economy, we should see that US Treasury officially announce the easing of restrictions to EU banks, confirming the security of trade with Iran; I believe the government should address the issue more seriously, since Iran has been ahead of the clock in acting according to its obligations,” Rezaei demanded.




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