2300 mosques of Tehran province active in Quranic movement

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TEHRAN, Mar. 09 (MNA) – Cultural Affairs Deputy of Center of Supervision on Mosques Affairs has hailed participant mosque prayer Imams’ participation in Quranic Movement.

Center of Mosque Studies report on its website said that the center is going to honor, in a meeting held March 3, Imams of Tehran mosques who hosted part of Quranic Movement. The website was quoting Hojjatoleslam Saeid Karami, Cultural Affairs Deputy of the Center of Supervision on Mosques Affairs as saying.

“There are more than 2300 active mosque Imams throughout Tehran Province who participated in this grand plan. That’s why we will express gratitude to their efforts in the meeting,” he told the website. Karami also said that two books had been published; “about the required textbooks for this movement, ‘Mosque in Quran’ and ‘Mosque in Narrations’ books are published by the center and will be unveiled in the meeting to meet the needs of Imams and clerics.”

He explained the Quranic Movement in details; “it's necessary to see the whole Scriptures. In line with this premise, we have planned this movement in Hifz (memorizing), Tafsir (interpretation) and Tilavat (recital of the Quran) as fields where to compete. The one-dimensional view of the Quran should be abandoned for good; this movement seeks to promote the role of Quran and Quranic activities in mosques.” 

“Mosques are the most significant cultural bases and attempts have been made to hold the Movement according to this view which is to promote the Quranic culture in our society,” concluded Karami.





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