• مسجد جامع و قلعه سامرا 2017-12-28 14:46

    By: Mahdi Almasi

    Great Mosque of Samarra

    SAMARRA, Dec. 28 (MNA) – The Great Mosque of Samarra is a ninth-century mosque located in Samarra, Iraq, commissioned and completed by the Abbasid caliphate. Its minaret, the Malwiya Tower, is a spiraling cone which is 52 meters high.

  •  Riyadh begged Tel Aviv to bomb Lebanon: Rouhani 2017-11-25 15:48

    Pres. Rouhani slams terror attack on Egyptian mosque

    TEHRAN, Nov. 25 (MNA) – Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has condemned the Friday deadly assault on a mosque in Egypt’s north Sinai which killed over 300 people and injured scores more.

  • بهرام قاسمی سخنگوی وزارت امور خارجه 2017-03-19 10:23

    FM spokesman:

    Air raid on holy places, civilians unjustified

    TEHRAN, Mar. 19 (MNA) – FM Spokesperson Ghasemi, while slamming air raids on a mosque near Aleppo, said aggression against holy shrines and religious places with whatsoever intention remains reprehensible and unjustifiable.

  • دیدار ائمه جماعات مساجد استان تهران با رهبر معظم انقلاب 2016-08-21 14:06

    Leader receives Tehran mosques prayer imams

    TEHRAN, Aug. 21 (MNA) – Leader of the Islamic revolution Ayatollah Khamenei received prayer imams of Tehran mosques on Sunday.

  • گردهمایی فعالان قرآنی مساجد 2016-05-02 21:27

    Ceremony honors Quranic activists

    TEHRAN, May 02 (MNA) – IRIB Int. Conference Center hosted a ceremony, held by the Center of Supervision on Mosques Affairs, to honor Prayer Imams Quranic activists.

  • مسجد نیشابور 2016-04-25 16:47

    By: Vahid Pourtajrishi

    Welcome to Wooden Mosque of Neishabour

    TEHRAN, Apr. 25 (MNA) – The Wooden Mosque of Neishabour is located 15km from Neishabour, Razavi Khorasan province. It is one of the wooden masterpieces in architecture built by late Hamid Mojtahedi (grandson of Akhound Khorasani, famous cleric of late 18th century).

  •    2016-03-09 16:23

    2300 mosques of Tehran province active in Quranic movement

    TEHRAN, Mar. 09 (MNA) – Cultural Affairs Deputy of Center of Supervision on Mosques Affairs has hailed participant mosque prayer Imams’ participation in Quranic Movement.

  • Liyakat Takim 2015-11-28 10:00

    Takfiris after religious sedition

    TEHRAN, Nov. 28 (MNA) – Islamic scientist Liyakat Takim says the Takfiris and Salafists are destroying mosques in order to divide the Islamic society.

  • Mina tragedy 2015-11-09 15:16

    Saudis to pay for Mina tragedy: cleric

    QOM, Nov. 09 (MNA) – A ceremony was held to mark the 40th day after the funeral of clerics victimized in Mina tragedy in attendance of hundreds of people in A’zam (Grand) Mosque on Sunday.

  • مرضية أفخم 2015-10-25 08:48

    Iran slams Nigeria terror attack

    TEHRAN, Oct. 25 (MNA) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has denounced recent terrorist explosions in several mosques in northern Nigeria.

  • mp 2015-10-06 14:00

    Iranian Jewish MP urges end to destruction of mosques

    TEHRAN, Oct. 6 (MNA) – The Jewish representative in the Parliament of Iran asked believers of all religions to stand up against destruction of mosques.