Syria new quagmire for Saudis: Amir-abdollahian

TEHRAN, Mar. 08 (MNA) – Deputy FM Amir-abdollahian commented on the latest developments in the ME in his interview with a monthly paper in Tehran.

Saudi Arabia would be able to send, at its most capacity, a number of forces to join the troops under the heading of Anti-ISIL coalition, however, Syria will be a new quagmire for KSA, commented Amir-Abdollahain on the prospect of Suadi regime’s troops deployment to Syria

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian made the remark in an interview with Diplomat Monthly published very recently in Tehran.

The official recounted that Iranians were informed a year earlier about Russians’ military contribution to the resolution of crisis in Syria and added that after the latest developments in Ukraine, it was revealed to the Russians that they have to play an active role in the Middle East to protect their national interests.

After accusations made against Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons, the Americans wanted to attack Syria with sudden, surprise strikes of the strategic spots in a short run period, said the Iranian diplomat.

Amir-Abdollahian reassured that terrorism is a genuine concern for the Russians and seriously stood against the idea that a legitimate regime be overthrown by terrorist groups.

"We stood by the Syrian government, nation, and political oppositions, to send this message to the world that Iran won’t allow terrorist topple an ally," underlined the Iranian official.

He regretted that neither Americans, nor Europeans had any alternative for Assad and when asked who is going to replace Assad their answer is that the most probable alternative would be the ISIL.

Iran’s Leader has reaffirmed many times that the red line for Iran is the blood of the civilians, and Syrian authorities have been vehemently advised to be careful about the lives of the people, he told the magazine.  

The senior Iranian diplomat recounted that Assad never refrained from the demands made by the Islamic Republic of Iran and very early started political reform in Syria, initiated amendment of the Constitution, and pardoned political prisoners.

"Assad is one of the wisest leaders in the Arab world, while at first, we were seriously wondering whether an ophthalmologist who has lived and studied in the west could be able to bear the pressure of the crisis and the foreigners," asserted the Iranian deputy foreign minister.

He also said that Assad was two times on the verge of collapse and one of the two was in 2013 when Saudi Arabia's former intelligence chief, Bandar bin Sultan, had travelled to Moscow to tell the Russians to quit as Saudis had deployed terrorists from across the world to Syria and Americans were to stage serious sudden strikes to the vital spot of the Syrian government in Damascus.

Amir-Abdollahian recounted that the Russians had asked the Saudis if they had known that the ISIL would be a threat for Riyadh after overthrowing Assad and the Saudis had answered that then the KSA would attack to Syria and demolish the terrorists.




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