Russian air strikes will conclude with offensive of Syrian troops

MOSCOW, Oct. 31 (MNA) – The Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, said on Friday that the bombings of the Kremlin aviation against the ISIL and other terrorist groups in Syria will depend on the end of Damascus' offensive against the terrorists.

The Russian Air Force conducts operations in Syria in support and the duration of the offensive of the Syrian Armed Forces, "which are fighting the terrorist and extremist organizations," according to the spokesman.

Peskov said that it will be difficult to achieve a political solution while the terrorists and extremist groups are not dealt a devastating blow.

The press adviser to President Vladimir Putin ruled out that the future of the constitutional President of Syria Bashar al-Assad is analyzed in the multilateral negotiations in Vienna.

Peskov said on the basis of the UN Charter that the subject discussed in the capital of Austria is a solution for Syria, and that only Syrians can determine the fate of their leader.

He stressed that the different actors involved in the talks in Vienna are aware that the search for a political settlement in the Middle Eastern country has no other alternative.

For his part, Major General Igor Konashenkov, spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of Russia on Syria, reported that in the last week the Reuters news agency insisted that 80 percent of Russian bombings "allegedly are not aimed against the ISIL."

On this subject, Konashenkov described as "childish naiveté" the publication by the Russian newspaper Kommersant of an interview with the spokesman for the US embassy in Moscow, William Stevens, who repeated the same misrepresentation of the Russian operations in Syria than that of the British news agency.

Since September 30th this year, at the request of President al-Assad the Russian aviation conducted over a thousand combat missions against terrorists in Syria and destroyed hundreds of targets of its military infrastructure.

Those bombings caused a qualitative change in the area of operations, where the Syrian Army took the initiative and went on the counteroffensive, which threatens the ISIL and other extremist groups armed by the Pentagon and its allies with the annihilation.

Within this context, and without renouncing to interference in the internal affairs of Syria, according to the newspaper Wall Street Journal, the White House shifted its position, and no longer demands the immediate resignation of al-Assad.

Russia, meanwhile, consistent with the search for a negotiated solution without external interference throughout the entire crisis, expressed Friday that it favors the participation of delegates from the Free Syrian Army in the talks on a settlement of the conflict.

Generally speaking, we are in favor, said Deputy Foreign Minister Mijaíl Bogdanov, who said that the Kremlin also wishes the presence of the Kurds, and announced that during the meeting of foreign ministers in Vienna between Russia, Saudi Arabia, United States and Turkey, Moscow gave the participants a list of 38 opponents who can be invited to the consultations on Syria.





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