Assembly of Experts:

Guardian Council should exercise its ‘approbative supervision’

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TEHRAN, Sep. 03 (MNA) – The 18th session of the Assembly of Experts had closed with a general statement on Wednesday.

The statement which was a conclusion of the Assembly’s view of the political, economic, and cultural conditions of the country, mandated the Guardian Council “attend the qualification of parliamentary candidates in line with its inherent mission of guarding the sacrosanct Sharia and the Constitution.”

The statement also asserted that Velayat-e Faqih (rule of the jurist) had provided a ‘strong protection in the time of the Absence of Imam of the Time against worldly tyrants and despotism; “from the ban on tobacco to the Constitutional Revolution and Imam Khomeini’s (RA) jihad against the Pahlavi regime down to Ayatollah Khamenei, all had endeared to protect the Islamic and Iranian components of the system; the Assembly thus renews its allegiance to the ideals of the founder of the Revolution and the present Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” reads part of the statement. “The 5th Assembly and 10th parliamentary elections would definitely see the ‘epic turnout by the voters’ to add another brilliant chapter in the history of the Revolution; the Assembly expects to see that the public of all walks of life use their votes to elect and send to the Parliament, through solidarity, avoidance of disunity and rift, representatives who are loyal to the system and the values and ideals of the Islamic Republic and to the Constitution,” it said.   

The statement extended its accolade to the government in ‘cutting inflation,’ ‘implementation of national health plan,’ and ‘planning for a scientific surge of the country,’ among other things, and called the government officials to protect and promote ‘revolutionary and national spirits and identity, martyrdom, observance of hijab, prevention of vices and promotion of virtues,’ and continuous surveillance of the internal as well as external arenas to detect hidden conspiracies by the enemies, and preparing the grounds conducive for realization of Revolutionary culture and themes across the nation.

The Assembly also mentioned the good offices of the nuclear negotiators, parliamentarians, and members of the Supreme National Security Council, while calling all of them to adhere to the redlines drawn by the Leader of the Islamic Republic, accurately examining the provisions of JCPOA based on the expediencies of the system, to abort any possible attempts by the US or its allies on deception and excessive demands.

The statement emphasized that weakening of or confrontation of all three branches of the state by any party or circle would violate the principles of public expediency and would open the corridors to foreign infiltration. However, it believed that “definitely, the Judiciary, Parliament, government, and the Guardian Council will move in the line provided by the Leader of the Islamic Republic on knowing themselves accountable before the nation.” 



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